Video Rewind 03.25.2016

ON AN ON “Icon Love”

In an age where police dash cam videos are more and more prevalent in our everyday lives, On An On use one exclusively to shoot their “Icon Love” video. You follow a police officer trailing a white van around a city before finally pulling them over. What is in the back of the white van? The answer may surprise you.

You Won’t “No Divide”

The streets of Los Angeles are notoriously rough so when a dance battle goes down, you know its serious. The video for You Won’t‘s “No Divide” finds the duo battling it out in the back alleys of the city. Granted their dancing is not overly impression and their outfits are foppish at best, but it all makes for quite an amusing video.

Gin Wigmore featuring Suffa & Logic “Willing To Die”

Gin Wigmore is a bad ass. Plain and simple. In her video for “Willing To Die,” it is obvious she does not give a fuck. She starts off by ripping off her fake nails and taking off all her make up. By the end of the video she is stripping off all of her clothes and blowing up her mansion. It escalates quite quickly.

Santigold “Can’t Get Enough Of Myself”

Santigold may not be able to get enough of herself but she also can’t get enough cameos into the new vision of her video. In four minutes, she crams 13 cameos in unique ways. Who is that in the poster? It’s Jay Z. And on the jumbotron? It’s Pharrell Williams! See if you can identify all the cameos.

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