Video Rewind 03.29.2013

The Uncluded “Delicate Cycle”

Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson are The Uncluded. They have a new album coming out on May 7th entitled Hokey Fright. The video for “Delicate Cycle” is their second to be featured on the Video Rewind. There should be no surprise that we start out at a Laundromat. According to the song, Kimya’s dad owned a Laundromat and that is where she grew up. She used to clean the machines that cleaned clothes. She has happy here. She bottomed out when she bought a house and a washer and dryer. A big feature of this video is the beings without limbs. We get a lunch lady with one leg. She gets pretty lucky as the kids in the cafeteria deck out her fake leg. There are several dogs which are missing limbs, including a poodle with only two hind legs, and a pitbull that has front wheel drive. Free hugs are a plague that should be avoided at all costs, especially when wearing a white suit. It’s another fun song, and it’s a better video. Don’t be uncluded from watching this video.
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Eight Bit Tiger “An Education”

Eight Bit Tiger have a new single “An Education”. Their video for it does give us quite an education in some sweet dancing moves. This guy goes hard. He’s there in his retro outfit which looks super cool in black and white, in front of a wall. This guy can dance. I love the intensity with which he just goes off. I will say there are some move I’m sure he stole from Beyonce, but who wouldn’t do that? I know he sings that he will never dance again. Let’s be serious here. He’ll get over this girl he’s singing about and just go balls to the walls with his insane footwork. He’s good enough for Footloose, either one though how could you go wrong with Kevin Bacon?
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When Saints Go Machine featuring Killer Mike “Love and Respect”

Last week’s teaser video for When Saints Go Machine was a little strange. Their new album Infinity Pool is due out in May. We get the video for their song “Love and Respect” featuring Killer Mike. This video plays out like a Guy Ritchie film. We open with a parked car, driver side door open, and the trunk open as well. A gentleman with an automatic gun is viewing the scene. We watch another gentleman in white with women’s pantyhose covering only down to his nose being chased. He escapes and pulls off in his car to this abandoned lot. Here he opens the trunk of the car to find himself staring down at a mysterious green glowing thing. It’s like that scene from Pulp Fiction where Jules and Vincent open the briefcase. We all want to know what they see. We don’t get a chance here either. The man in white is knocked out by the man with the gun. Cut to our man in white not stripped, ironically a bit perhaps, to his black undies. With his hands tied behind his back and a bag over his head he is tossed into the water. Cut to two women who are videotaping his car burn. It’s like a Guy Ritchie flim. Who doesn’t love and respect that?

Lana Del Rey “Chelsea Hotel No 2”

Lana Del Rey recently covered Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel No 2” which is off her album Born To Die-The Paradise Edition. If there is anyone who can do a proper cover of Leonard Cohen, it’s probably Lana Del Rey. As always, the video features Del Rey with her stoic face which appears incapable of breaking into a smile. I seriously believe smiling would break her face. Kidding aside, let’s dive into the video. She sits singing into a microphone avoiding eye contact with the camera as much as possible. It feels like she is sitting there singing just to you, the audience. She’s not that into you, so she kinda looks around the room as though she could think of millions of other things to do. But that’s what I love about Lana. She
doesn’t care. She just sings and does her thing. There are cigarettes and matches. There are shots of a hotel. The performance does seem to be of one telling a story reminiscing about things now long gone. Oh Lana, are you a genius, or have you simply tricked us all? I’m all for these three plus minutes where I feel like Lana and I are sharing a moment. You should, too.
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ISHI “Disco Queen”

ISHI are preparing to release their album Digital Wounds on April 9th. Their first single is “Disco Queen.” The video features some of the best wardrobe choices I’ve seen in a long while. That is a ferocious mustache you see there. That’s the kind of mustache women love because they have something to hold onto when kissing. This guy’s got some decent moves. I know he doesn’t really look like he should. The women could actually be strippers from a local strip club. I’m not judging, I’m only saying. They’re all having a boom banging time. For those of us up North, we should all appreciate this. It’s been a long winter. We could use a break from that. Officially I’m volunteering to have ISHI throw a party in my living room. I’ll wear shimmery clothing if it’ll help get them here. This is not the typical act you see
coming out of Texas. Things are bigger and better there, so have yourself a “Disco Queen” party and start the weekend off right.
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