Video Rewind 04.01.2016

Aesop Rock “Blood Sandwich”

Aesop Rock might be one of the best story tellers in hip hop. In the video for his single “Blood Sandwich,” we see two stories of his brothers come to life. The first is the story of his brother playing little league. The story is a bit humorous but also intense. Not quite as intense as the second story which is about his older brother who wanted to go see Ministry but his mother wouldn’t let him. The way Aesop Rock crafts the stories in rhyme is obviously the real star but it is interesting to watch them play out on the screen.

El Perro Del Mar “In The Woods”

For four seasons now, TLC has featured a reality TV show called Breaking Amish which chronicles the lives of five Anabaptist adults who go to New York City to see what they are missing and then forcing them to decide to go back to their old ways or stay in the new. El Perro Del Mar’s video for “In The Woods” is a similar concept. A young Mennonite has been saving up, storing money in his Bible for the right chance to run away. When that chance comes, he takes it. We see him experience things like toy stores, liquor stores, beaches, and even interracial love making. By the end of the video, would he decide its for him or nah? Watch and find out.

The Besnard Lakes “Necronomicon”

The Besnard Lakes‘ new video for “Necronomicon” follows the travels of crystal ball in space flying towards an earth like planet. As it flies through the atmosphere, you see crystal rock formations peaking up through the clouds which is probably the biggest indication that this is not earth. As the sunsets on the planet, the crystal ball begins to emanate light and it takes cover underground. Underground it meets another crystal ball of light and they make love like only crystal balls know how.

Iggy Azalea “Team”

Hot off the heels of the controversy of Swaggy P’s admitted infidelities, Iggy Azalea asserts herself as a bad ass in her new video for “Team.” Armed with a crew of professional dancers, Iggy defaces a private jet. A jet is fairly large so it definitely takes some teamwork to get it done.

Rihanna “Kiss It Better”

Rihanna has worked off the motto “sex sells” for most of her career. Her new video for “Kiss It Better” is no different. The video stars Rihanna and a pair of dice. The premise of the video is to make you jealous of the dice as they explore Rihanna’s body, granted it’s all over the sheets but still.

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