Video Rewind 04.13.2012

Norah Jones “Happy Pills”

It’s your typical Norah Jones. Set in the past, yes that’s a rotary phone. We see an out of order series of events. Norah’s character meets a dashing young man. We see some of their happier moments. She finds out about another woman. And then she does what anyone should do, chloroforms her man in the car and let’s it roll into the lake. Yes, Norah Jones plays the murder card. I like the way this video is shot, and with the popularity of Mad Men, they should find a way to turn this video into a series. “Happy Pills” is off of Norah’s forthcoming album Little Broken Hearts due out May 1st.
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Orbital “Wonky”

Orbital‘s new video, “Wonky” is a cat-lover’s worst nightmare. You come home, and all of a sudden you suffer from ailurophobia. That’s right, you go from loving the felines to having an irrational fear of them. You start with visual hallucinations as images of cats on food boxes, cups, and even t-shirts start talking to you. Then the actual cats gang up on you. And they all sound like a British version of Nicki Minaj (or Lady Leshurr, if you will). Could that actually be scarier than sounding like Nicki Minaj? I don’t know. But if it is, that’s wonky. “Wonky” will appear on Orbital’s album Wonky set for release in the State’s on April 17th.
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Hoodie Allen featuring Jhameel “No Faith In Brooklyn”

After reviewing Hoodie Allen‘s last mix tape Leap Year I was very impressed. Not only did I feel that the songs were good, but I felt that Hoodie was coming into his own as a rapper. I think with the release of All American we may be seeing even more growth. The song “No Faith In Brooklyn” deals with a relationship that starts to take a back seat to the growing fame of our lovable Hoodie Allen. Hopefully it’s just a video and song based on fiction. But it does deal with the reality of how does one become famous without letting it change you? Can’t you all remember Kanye rapping “And just imgagine how my girl feel/ On the plane scared as hell that her guy look like Emmett Till/ She was with me before the deal, she trying to be mine” on “Through the Wire”? But it’s a different Kanye now. Will the same truth unfold for Hoodie? Hard to say. For all his talent I don’t think he’ll turn out to be a crazed ego-maniac like Kanye. And I also don’t think he’ll ever reach Kanye status. But that shouldn’t be a detriment to him or his music. And the video shows some nice scenes of the young couple in love. But we also get the dose of reality. And then you have to pick, the girl or the dream. “No Faith in Brooklyn” is off of Hoodie’s latest EP All American out now. That Jhameel hook is tight.
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Reptile Youth “Speeddance”

Considering that the Reptile Youth‘s lead singer is shirtless, I’m surprised how many men are in the audience bopping up and down. Anyways, for a band that have just released their debut track “Speeddance”, they can really pump up a crowd. I mean, this just looks like an energy packed show to be at. And the pop of the song really catches my attention, hopefully yours as well. Or maybe I’m just revealing the idiot that’s inside of me (get it?).
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Ladyhawke “Sunday Drive”

It’s like a psychological thriller. Who is stalking whom? We find a mysterious someone espying our blonde heroin as she makes her way across the city. She can’t pretend to hate him, because she’ll always love him. She asks him not to go. As though she were the one obsessed. Yet, somehow, she winds up in the trunk of a car. But thankfully, she’s got her guitar. Electric though it may be, she can sing this song to her love. Maybe that’s the point, she’s trying to convince him to open the trunk so she can hit him with the guitar and escape. I don’t know, I find the video cool. Ladyhawk release “Sunday Drive” on the album Anxiety May 29th in the States.
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