Video Rewind 04.17.2015

Lil Dicky “Classic Male Pregame

Lil Dicky is back with another video, this time for “Classic Male Pregame”. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like when guys get together for a night of going out, Lil Dicky has made a documentary for you. Watch as the ambition to go out drinking and meeting girls is lost by drinking to get started, smoking marijuana, and eating food that should be avoided. As Dicky states at the end of the video, it is a flawed process. But it’s funny when you’re only the observer.

Hi Fashion “Where Is the Party?”

Hi Fashion’s latest song asks “Where Is the Party?” The video looks like a party that may be thrown in District 1 of The Hunger Games series, except there is no lavish food. Allow me to correct that statement, they dress as District 1’ers might dress. There’s face paint, and general apparel fitting for clowns. Elegant hair décor such as a wall sconce with glass beads. It’s all fitting for the kind of party I never get invited to. Also, the intro where a Joker meets the Mad Hatter invites you to the best party ever. How could you turn that down?

Kosha Dillz “Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech)”

Kosha Dillz released “Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech)” back in 2011. Not, almost four years later, he gives us a proper video for the song. It begins with John Applebaum and Rabbi Moshe discussing the finer things in life: women. Rabbi Moshe knows he should be dating Jewish girls, but he’s got a thing for Span-Hebrish girls. As the Rabbi says, “you know, Mexi-kosher” as he moves his hands to pantomime the roundness of said women. Just as he finishes, a trio of women come walking down the sidewalk. Like a true player, the Rabbi calls out and asks to take a girl out dancing, claiming he can teach her a thing or two. She doesn’t believe him, and so as a the Wild West had two men settle a dispute by drawing guns and firing, dancers when challenged break into the dance off. I’m not saying you’ll agree that Rabbi Moshe can dance, but he puts a smile on the lass’s lips. The end of the video gives you a rundown of what happens in the post-video lives of all involved. It’s a well played video for a well versed song.

Janelle Monae featuring Jidenna “Yoga”

Janelle Monae videos usually have Sci-Fi elements to them, but in the video for “Yoga” which features Jienna, we hardly see any at all. There is a scene at the beginning where Janelle is hovering above the floor in a seated pose. Other than that, it feels like the female pregame ritual. Janelle is dancing around with other females in front a mirror in a loft apartment. For all I know, this is her apartment and this is what her life is like. While her and the other females are moving around demonstrating that they are in good shape, perhaps from doing yoga, Jidenna is getting ready for a date. He’s dressed up in a suit with his hair slicked. He’s sitting in a booth in a diner, when suddenly two waitresses come, one carrying his order and the other a candle lit candelabra. He clearly wasn’t at Lil Dicky’s pregame, and that’s a good thing. Not only does he have two waitresses vying for his affection, but Janelle shows up with all her friends. Now this is a party.

Florence + The Machine “Ship To Wreck”

Though I didn’t like the overall narrative of Christopher Nolan’s Memento, I did enjoy the method used to move the film over. At that point we’d already seen Quentin Tarantino master the form of jumping around his time-line to tell an intriguing story. Nolan’s film worked in several minute segments, but it starts with the last and moves back towards the first. It’s basically a film you watch backwards. It deals with a man whose mind can no longer create long term memories. So what we see is the several moment segments in his life starting with the last, and then jumping to the minutes just before those. It’s intriguing. Florence + The Machine’s video for “Ship To Wreck” has some elements that appear to tell the story in a similar fashion. We see something, then we see what happened before, and so on. But it also seems to loop around on itself, while simultaneously showing two Florences. Towards the latter half of the video we see scenes that could depict an outward appearance to Florence, and the rage she’s actually feeling inside. Take the scene where she is serving guests at the dinner table, while the second Florence hops up onto the table in a rage. Hopefully, this fictional Florence can take her own advice when she says, “Don’t touch the sleeping pills, they mess with my head.”

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