Video Rewind 04.26.2013

Thee Oh Sees “Toe Cutter Thumb Buster”

In promotion for their album currently out now, Thee Oh Sees have released a video for the song “Toe Cutter Thumb Buster” off of Floating Coffin. This video is the epitome of shit happens. We’ve all been there, I’m sure. You’re just trying to stuff a dead body into the back of your van. It’s tough work, especially when you’re not in shape. Dead weight is bad to lift and if you can’t get your legs under all that weight you’re just gonna hurt yourself. You turn around thinking your job is done, and some idiot on his way home with grocery bags is standing there watching you. With Usain Bolt speed you gotta chase him down, which is made all the easier by the fact that he falls down. Now you have no choice but to beat him to death with the very can of soup he should have been schlepping home. Ok, so you got that out of your system and another dead body to move. That’s when you look up and notice another guy walking home who has spotted you. What is up with people shopping at night? They act like everything they see on the way home is their business. So, you grab dead man number two’s grocery bag and proceed to kill man number three. It’s been a busy night. You just want to dump some bodies and go home. Your favorite local for dumping bodies is now infiltrated by some random guy dumping a body on his own. It’s unfortunate this video ends when it does, because what could happen next would make for a great movie.
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Shout Out Louds “Illusions”

Shout Out Louds released a video for their track “Illusions.” The video follows a young woman as she attends a speed dating event. I have to say, I am way better looking and far more charming than any of these blokes. Her first date actually sits down with a pair of brass knuckles. That is not the way to make a first impression unless you’re in prison. The evening doesn’t seem to be going so well, until the speed dating is over. Our protagonist heads over to the bar to grab a drink, but before she can even get it in her hand a man she did not meet swipes it and downs it. He makes his way to the dance floor and they just smile at each other. The whole lot seems to have a great time shaking their booties and afterwards it does seem as though they’ve all become friends. Our hopeful young woman begins her walk home when she decides to go back and try one last time to talk to her new crush. Everyone is gone. She sits there at a table sulking, and I was rooting for this guy to come and find her. Of course he does.
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Fitz and The Tantrums “Out of My League”

As Fitz and The Tantrums prepare to release a new album called More Than Just a Dream on May 7th, they gave us the video for “Out of My League.” The video features the band performing with snazzy computer effects. I think the fun aspect of the music is met by this one particular effect. They have computer generated, grid like images of the band. These images remind me of those Pin Impression 3D art kits, the ones with the silver pins where you push your hand or face onto and the other side is a 3D replica of pins. You’ve seen these, trust. If anything, I do have to say Fitz could use some more dance moves to his arsenal, but I was pretty much moving the exact same way throughout the song.
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Taken By Trees “Only You”

Last year, Taken By Trees released Other Worlds.This week, they give us a video for “Only You” this week. Being at a party where everyone except for you is making out, you may as well have a blindfold on. To begin with Shelbe Chang gives us some telltale signs a woman is into you. We get soft biting of her lower lip. She runs her fingers along the color of her shirt gently touching her chest. Yet, she’s standing at this party, or dancing, on her own while hedonistic events begin to take place behind her. I get the feeling that the video represents wanting to be with someone who isn’t there. It’s about being faithful, even if you may be horny. The blindfold doesn’t represent the fact that she doesn’t see what’s going on around her. Rather, it shows that even with all that she is still focused on one thing, this person. This “only you”. In the argument over same-sex marriage and all, I think what gets lost is the idea that two people should be committed to each other. And when they successfully do so, they should be allowed to celebrate and honor it. There’s no way to stop people who just want frivolous sexual encounters. But then, they’re not looking for equal rights. Why stand in the way of two people who actually love each other?
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Smokey Robotic “Unlike Anyone”

Smokey Robotic have their new album Musium out now. The latest release from the album is “Unlike Anyone.” The beginning of the video had me thinking that it would go one way. We see a gentleman writing when he drops his pencil. A woman walking with her bicycle stops to pick it up and hand it to him. This is the part where I would become completely consumed wanting to know everything about this woman. I can’t say that this video deals with romantic love. I think it deals more with the friendship kind. Your friends have seen you at your best and your worst, and they choose to still be there for you. So, when you get lost and try to sort things out they will be there waiting for you. They’ll also be willing to give you a hand whether it be picking up a pencil you’ve dropped, or giving you a hug. The key is to remember them, too. All relationships need reciprocity.
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