Video Rewind 05.04.2012

Neneh Cherry & The Thing “Accordian”

Fans of MF Doom must all be too familiar with Madvillain’s track “Accordian”. We get jazzy reinterpretation of the song by Neneh Cherry & The Thing. Covers seem to be a thing of theirs as they just released a cover of “Dream Baby Dream” by Suicide. The song itself is a jazzy rendition of the MF Doom with a female vocalist. Though the video follows Neneh around with nightvision on, there is something to the atmosphere. Like you’re joining some intimate group like The Dead Poet Society, and there you are outside just watching a performance of a rap song in the style of jazz. Two things that much like poetry are about improvisation and technical skill. I gotta admit, if I were to mistakenly look over the title of this track I wouldn’t have recognized it as MF Doom’s until the part about Mutley and sick laughter. As any good cover should be, this one takes the original and puts a special spin on it without dirty the original. Nice work Neneh Cherry & The Thing. This cover as well as others will appear on their album The Cherry Thing due out June 19th. (Also, keep an eye out for the mask. Shout out to MF Doom there).

Cut Chemist featuring Blackbird “Outro (Revisited)”

Cut Chemist teams up with Blackbird for “Outro (Revisited)”. The track has tons of energy, and one thing the video does is capture that. Not only does Blackbird feature demonstrating his ability to drop these funky flows, but they have him running ragged. The poor rapper literally can be seen running “cartoon-like” down the street. It all makes sense with the feel of the song. You’re not supposed to be just sitting there listening to it; get up off your ass and move around. This is a wake up song and Blackbird’s getting up and moving with you. Tight production here by Cut Chemist as well.

Dragonette “Let It Go”

In Dragonette‘s video for “Let It Go,” at first everything is white or at least it’s supposed to be. You find yourself being dragged out of a white car by two men dressed in white suits into a white building with white interior. They strip you of your clothes and dress you in white. They hook you up to a white machine in a yellow room and somehow you start dancing. Yes, this is how drugs are made. It’s visually appealing especially with the clarity and color contrast. But don’t worry, istening to the song and watching the video won’t result in you being dumped on the side of a road.
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Dosvec “1979 Tipsy Kicks”

I know how much the blogs love Dosvec. We love him here at Surviving the Golden Age, too. It’s no wonder with the mash-ups he produces. If you can’t make out from the music or the lyrics, then you should be able to make out the tracks from the video. That’s the fun part about mash-ups, seeing how many elements of the song you can identify. Here we get pieces from J-Kwon‘s “Tipsy” mixed with Foster The People‘s “Pumped Up Kicks” laid over Smashing Pumpkins‘ “1979” (Slink Mix). That was tougher than I thought it would be to write, so sit back and enjoy the mash-up video and see if you remember when these came out.
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Eddy B & Tim Gunter “Tomorrow”

All right, I’ll admit it. So far, I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve heard from Eddy B and Tim Gunter. I think it’s the honesty you get. This video was shot in Greensboro, NC where Eddy actually goes to school. Shout out to Greensboro. Hope you know the talent you go under your nose. We follow Eddy as he walks down the street rapping about the streets he got off of. He’s waiting for tomorrow, but it may not come. In the vid, Eddy takes a bullet to the head. Unfortunate, a tale of getting out of a bad situation only to have your life ended in tragedy anyway. It sort of reminds me of Jasper Howard, the University of Connecticut football player who was stabbed to death. His family sent him to Connecticut to escape the trouble he might find in his hometown of Miami, Florida and in the end, it may have been the wrong choice. Just goes to show that tomorrow really isn’t promised to no man. So, have a safe weekend. Hope it’s fun, but do your best to make it to tomorrow.
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