Video Rewind 05.15.2015

Röyksopp “I Had This Thing”

Röyksopp’s video for “I Had This Thing” at first seems like a terrible concept for the song title. It features a couple that breaks up in the spur of the moment. The guy needs the gal to go, so she does. Then they’re texting each other back and forth, each hoping to be able to resolve things but neither willing to bend. There’s two things there wrong. One, I can’t picture my grandparents ever resolving to texting when serious matters were in the air. Secondly, I don’t think most couples back then would break up and get together, and break up and get together, etc. Back to the video, eventually there is a catastrophic event. All the while the girl is enduring it in her car, while the guy is safe at his apartment. At no time does she call for him to come, or he ask her to return. Yet, both picture the two of them together. Watch for the connection between the spinning light toy and the catastrophe.

The Fjords “All In”

The Fjords video for “All In” takes us back to the 1980’s. It follows a young boy who must have had some bad experiences down at the local hot dog establishment. It seems the older boys, teenagers here, aren’t very kind to him. He converts his Nintendo Entertainment System into a weapon that he straps to his back. His gun is a NES Zapper. Depending on what cartridge he loads into the system, his gun shoots differently. I don’t condone violence in any way, but this is an interesting little video to watch.

Elliphant “Love Me Badder”

Elliphant’s video for “Love Me Badder” is a bit unusual. The theme of the song is a popular one for women these days. It’s about never having been loved, except by one man who doesn’t even love well. Still, bad love is better than no love, and in this case the desire is to be loved even badder. In the video Elliphant winds up tied up and thrown in the backseat of her man’s car. Eventually she breaks loose and attacks him while driving. A car crash occurs that sends Elliphant through the windshield. There’s an interesting scene where she levitates in the air and dances.

Phases “I’m in Love with My Life”

Phases have taken a page out of OK Go’s video making playbook. It’s a fun video for “All In” that was shot forward but played backwards. It was a bit of work as their lips are synced to the words of the song. I still don’t know how people can do that. It is most appealing when you see things move in a way that you know isn’t physically possible. Think of hair whips but in reverse.

Mark Ronson featuring Mystikal “Feel Right”

Mark Ronson and Mystikal are picking up right where “Uptown Funk” left off with “Feel Right”. The video takes place as an elementary level private school talent show. That alone is awesome enough to love this video. The little boy playing young Mystikal is amazing doing his very own version of James Brown up on stage. My favorite part is when another boy brings out farm fresh milk in a champagne glass. Little Mystikal takes a sip and grimaces that way people do when something is so good it hurts. Let’s not overlook the sweet transition with the song to the lights going out and those on stage shining flashlights out into the crowd. When the song hits again and the lights come on, little Mystikal is killing it. Don’t be surprised to see this video on the end of the year list. Mystikal is back!

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