Video Rewind 05.16.2014

Vic Mensa “Down on My Luck”

Vic Mensa’s next single “Down On My Luck” will be out July 6th. He dropped his video for the track this week. It features Vic at the club, and he’s in for a really bad night. Fortunately for Vic, every time something bad happens he can go back to the beginning and redo it so that he avoids the bad. This includes avoiding taking a punch to the face from a fight he’s not even in, avoiding getting roofied, avoiding an angry possible girlfriend from showing up, and even avoiding getting arrested. If there’s any truth to his powers Vic may be able to write songs and see how well they do before going back in time to fix things if they go wrong. He’ll be a guaentee to write hit after hit.

clipping. featuring Cocc Pistol Cree “Work Work”

clipping.’s album due out on the 10th of June will be called CLPPNG. His latest single features fellow rapper Cocc Pistol Cree. The video features both, but with clipping. in a bad position. When the video opens we see mice in a dark hole. As the camera pans out we see that we are actually looking down clipping.’s mouth. He’s lying on the ground with his hands tied behind his back, he is face down with his mouth open on one of those concrete stoppers for a parking space. Standing over him with one leg on his back is Cocc Pistol Cree, smoking a cigarette. Each takes turns rapping before Cocc Pistol Cree lifts her leg up, holds it up for tension, and slams it down onto clipping.’s head crushing it like porcelain and releasing the mice. She then gets in a car and rides off.

Har Mar Superstar “Restless Leg”

Har Mar Superstar is still riding his latest album Bye Bye Seventeen. His latest video is for his single “Restless Leg”. The video features Har Mar sans his beard being the lady killler we know him to be. He hits up a puppet show, and let’s just say the puppeteer is cute. Har Mar, however, has other plans. He’s totally into her puppet. So, what does he do? He gets the woman’s number, invites himself over for dinner, and proceeds to make out with the puppet. This doesn’t go over well, and he gets thrown out. He can’t stop thinking about this puppet, so he’s able to find a Zoltar machine like in the movie Big. He wishes to be a puppet, and when his wish is granted he heads on over to the puppeteers place to get it on with the blonde puppet. Though the puppeteer looks horrified to discover what is going on, she seems in much better moods when she adds Har Mar to the act.

Deltron 3030 “Do You Remember”

In Deltron 3030’s latest video is for the song “Do You Remember”. The video features an old man and a younger attractive woman. He’s got this pimped out wheelchair and this woman is more than happy to push him around in her booty shorts and high heels. This seems to be the seeing off practice of these people. You show the old man a good time, get him some alcohol, strap him into his wheelchair, give him some goggles and shoot him off into the sky. Not sure what happens, if they take off into orbit or simply perish during or after the fall.

The Kooks “Around Town”

The Kooks continue preparations for the release of their new album Listening. Their latest single and video is for “Around Town”. The video plays like a Tarantino or Luc Besson film. It starts with some narrating that quotes Rudyard Kipling’s “If” in French. The story goes that the old man used to rob people with his son. One robbery goes wrong and his son is killed. The lady at the table with him becomes his new accomplice. She goes along, and they do quite well, but in the end kills the old man, who himself is distraught over what happened to his own son and contemplates suicide. The woman turns out to be the woman the son was seeing, who also blames the old man for the death. This is her revenge.

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  • Kelly Leonard says:

    You hit the nail on the head with the Kooks description. I was thinking it was Kill Bill meets The Professional, I just didn’t realize Besson directed the Professional.

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