Video Rewind 05.23.2014

Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS featuring Aleesia “Gold Skies”

Sander van Doorn,Martin Garrix,DVBBS, and
Aleesia have all come together to release a song June 2nd called “Gold Skies”. The video for the song follows a young couple of wanderers. They drive around in a beat up Volkswagen bus. The key doesn’t even work anymore, so the female suggests using a screwdriver to start it. For whatever reason, perhaps being alone with one person for too long, they start arguing. The man drives away, and after a while stops to fill up on gas. When he tries to start the bus, it won’t, so he takes off walking. The levelheaded woman packs up and goes walking to see what’s become of her boyfriend. She finds the bus and starts it, and travels on to pick up and save her mate. You see many scenes of good times in beautiful areas of nature most of us will never see. It’s nice to see them get back to having fun and enjoying themselves. But that’s the thing about relationships, if it’s going to work out one person has to be able to just let go of whatever the problem is, not that you always should.

Arcade Fire “We Exist”

Arcade Fire’s latest single is “We Exist” off of Reflektor. The video centers around a young man, portrayed by Andrew Garfield, dealing with gender identity. As the video starts off he’s trying to pick out clothes, do his makeup, and fix his wing. He makes his out to a local bar, where he quickly starts turning heads. He sees a couple dancing on the floor, and it’s easy to see that he’s wondering if he’ll ever find someone to dance with like that. When a man walks over and asks him to dance, he nervously follows. Once on the floor, just as he starts getting comfortable, more men come over, and he is eventually shoved down onto the floor. What follows next seems to be what this man is experiencing in his mind. He’s alone and dancing when a group of men appear on the stage. They are all very manly men, with beards, tattoos, etc. They are all wearing flannel shirts tied off to reveal their stomachs, some cut off jean shorts (extremely high cut), and most remarkably heels. It’s quite interesting to see these guys dressed up and dancing the way they are. And if they can look confident and proud of themselves, then our young man can come to terms with his differences as well.

The Lonely Island featuring Pharrell Williams “Hugs”

The Lonely Island and Pharrell Williams have a new single “Hugs”. The video features all three being prime time players in the hug and ditch game. That’s right, these guys will hug a girl and leave her. Hugging women in hatchbacks, in clubs, and then deleting their numbers from the phone. The best part of this video is the that some of the women react. At the club Andy Samberg hugs one woman only to turn around and hug her friend. The reaction is one of genuine anger. Once again, this video shows how even nice guys can be total jerks.

Glass Animals “Pools”

Glass Animals released “Pools” from their forthcoming album Zaba. The video is a claymation adventure in a jungle. We get to see all the cool wildlife move and lurk in among the dirt and vegetation. We also have follow a man who comes across a shape shifting creature. This creature does its best to morph into a human shape, and the man isn’t afraid. As he approaches and tries to feed the creatures, it opens a big mouth and tries to eat the man’s head. This frightens the man who goes running off. The creature looks sorry, as though it realizes it’s made a mistake. Next the man goes to look at some swirling pools of water, only to be attacked and dragged in by some plantlike creature. Underwater he starts to transform as his skin begins turning colors and an eye forms in the palm of his hand. There’s a woman who’s undergoing the same transformation. Together they become something like coral forming. It’s an interesting take on how when we come together to make a life with another person we cease being individuals, and become one entity.

Dillon Francis & DJ Snake “Get Low”

Dillon Francis and DJ Snake have a new single “Get Low” set to be released in August. The video features both dressed sort of like Pharaohs and sitting atop stacks of plastic chairs, or together atop a tower of speakers. We see women picking their butt wedgies in blue outfits with fishnet stalkings. There are flares going off and a guy on a bike. What we also get is low. The women are here to dance, and dance they do well, even when they lean way back and continue to dance without falling. We’re talking limbo get low here. Blue flags wave, fancy grills are on display, money is being thrown. In a way, this is what I picture it being like if rich young men from the Middle East acted and behaved like Ali G.

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