Video Rewind 05.24.2013

The Thermals “The Sunset”

The Thermals have a new album out called Desperate Ground. The album’s lead single is “The Sunset”. Band member Kathy Foster is featured in this video as a boxer. They take this old school approach to boxing. Foster performs some dancing that I guess is to be part of her training. It’s really just to show her shimmying for the camera. There is a gym, but Foster takes her training outside. Just like Rocky Balboa, we see Foster running the streets of her city. In this case it’s Portland, Oregon. She does pushups and situps wherever she can find room. She even runs up stairs. At one point she is in a back yard trying to catch a chicken. That’s so she can get the greasy lightning speed. You know, so she can eat thunder and crap lightning. In the ring Foster dukes it out Balboa style as well. There’s no real technique, it’s just hit and take the punch that’s coming. Who wins? See for yourself.
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She & Him “I Could’ve Been Your Girl”

You can purchase She & Him’s new album Volume 3 today. You can also see the video for their song from that album called “I Could’ve Been Your Girl.” For those of you fawning over Zooey Deschanel, here’s your chance to pretend she wrote you a song. The tune is all about how Zooey could’ve been someone’s girl, though I’m not sure if we ever figure out why this relationship didn’t happen. The video was directed by Zooey herself. It features M. Ward grabbing a coffee and trying to read his paper. In comes Zooey joined by an entourage of dancers and they break off into a little performance a-la sock hop style. It’s all to get Mr. Ward’s attention. The poor girl just wants to let him know they could have been together, but Mr. Ward isn’t really interested. That’s how it goes, viewers. Sometimes you just like somebody and they want nothing to do with you. The video features all the stuff we’ve come to love about She & Him. It has a great setting, Zooey, her fashion style, her flair for dance, and Zooey.
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When Saints Go Machine “Iodine”

When Saints Go Machine are preparing for the release of their new album Infinity Pool next Tuesday. The band released a video for their song “Iodine” this past week. We find ourselves atop a cliff with a waterfall that isn’t so much falling as floating up in reverse. The only vegetation around is the palm trees located on either side of the river that is fed by this mysterious water-climb? We find a chap atop this cliff in a sort of protective suit with a gas mask. He is standing next to a giant hole in the ground. For some reason there is a ladder attached to the side of the hole. All the way at the bottom of the hole we find a truly astounding scene. There, in a garden of sorts, one can stand in front of extremely large crystal formations. With light shining through these crystals it is a bit of a spectacle. Now comes an interesting lesson for one and all. Our hero breaks off a crystal and the whole formation starts to crumble. Escaping to the top unscathed, the man stands triumphantly holding in his two hands above his head his crystal. Meanwhile, down below a mess is surely settling into the abyss. The lesson here is that wanting something that isn’t yours has its repercussions. Don’t just take something, you may ruin it by doing so.
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Team Spirit “Fuck The Beach”

Team Spirit recently release the album, Team Spirit. The band just released the video for “Fuck The Beach”. The video is what I believe people who don’t like the beach picture a trip to the beach being like. It’s an animated version of a hellish trip to the beach. A psychedelic beach. There are nude people getting it on with…creatures for lack of a better world. The ice cream stand actually sells desserts that get you high. And for some reason, the only way to get on or off the beach is by the large vagina portal you are bound to stumble upon. There’s a lot going on in this video, especially with all the craziness surrounding the band who just want to survive a trip to the beach. If this were a real life trip, I’d be saying fuck the beach as well.
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Caveman “In The City”

Caveman just dropped the video for their single, “In The City”. The video features New York City, and the lovely Julia Stiles. Stiles plays the female in a couple that is visiting the city for the first time. Things seem to be going well on day one as the couple find all sorts of interesting things to do. When they get back to their hotel room, it’s time to celebrate and pass out. They have no idea one of the bellhops has been hiding behind the large curtains at the window. With the happy couple dozing, he comes out and pulls out a box of sharp things. Using a knife he makes a solitary slice on the woman’s arm. A slice that doesn’t rouse her from her sleep. The next morning she sees the slice but makes nothing of it until later that evening the cut starts bleeding. She doesn’t mention the cut to her partner, nor does he seem to notice even though she isn’t sleeping with her arm covered. This goes on for days. The couple explore the city as Stiles’ character becomes less and less lucid, the fall asleep, and Stiles gets cut more and more. This isn’t the New York City that Weekend Updates now departed Stefon would have told us about. It is how some people view the city, though. Lesson here, if you wake up with cuts you should probably notify at least the person you are with so that you can figure out what’s going on. Or maybe you could stay awake long enough to see what is cutting you. Unless you’re convinced its ghosts. Then I don’t know what to say.
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