Video Rewind 05.25.2012

A Place to Bury Strangers “You Are The One”

Girls, girls, girls AND some bloody violence on the streets. What could any predator want more than sex and the hunt? We should all know that one man’s fetish is another man’s illegal act–or at the very least, immoral. Exactly what A Place to Bury Strangers is going for with their video for “You Are The One” escapes me, but it does make me think of bad horror movies. Mostly it’s the way the blood-covered woman at the end doesn’t really seem to be covered in blood. Still, it’s always great when an eccentric young man can meet the woman of his dreams. In this case, one that is turned on by the fact she is dowsed in “blood.” A Place to Bury Strangers will be releasing Worship on June 26th, featuring “You Are The One”. But for now, enjoy their NSFW video.
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Its Overture “Express Yourself (Diplo // Missy Elliot)”

If you’ve been missing Missy Elliot, here’s your chance to visit. Its Overture are all excited for Diplo releasing the Express Yourself EP. In honor, here is the mix of “Express Yourself” and Elliot’s “Pass That Dutch”. The video is pretty cool as it borrows from Nickelodeon’s Doug, a favorite of mine back in the 90’s. Considering that Memorial Day is this weekend, I say we all throw a costume dance party and rock out to Its Overture. Who’s with me?
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Reptar “Sebastian”

Fans of Vampire Weekend should appreciate Reptar. In their latest video for “Sebastian”, the band demonstrates what it would look like if you could peel your face off and lay it flat. We also get to see some fruit age in quick-time. Bottom line, it’s kinda interesting to see how they morphed the camera angles of the faces into one shot. “Sebastian” is off of their debut album Body Faucet.
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When Saints Go Machine “Mannequin”

When Saints Go Machine’s video for “Mannequin” has it all: people in eggs, keyholes in the sternum. Something about this video reminds me of the work of Zdzislaw Besinski. It’s dark. It’s wonderful. It’s different. Interesting is the way the video starts with that wave that resembles the heartbeat. You know, you never wanna see it flatline. Later is the way that thunder seems to turn back into that wave. This homage to the mannequin is quite unusual, but then so is the idea of writing a song about a mannequin. Still, When Saints Go Machine have a nice visual work here. “Mannequin” will appear on their new album still in the works.

Curtiss King “Ratchets Still Jockin”

I like Cheetos. I also like Curtiss King. We’re back with Curtiss, but this time we’re not one on one with him on a bench in front of an empty basketball court. This time we’re hanging with Curtiss and his crew. We got chips. We got brews. We’re two stepping. The beat is laid back, so is Curtiss’s flow. That one button up shirt should go, but hey, we’re getting ready for Memorial Day. He does admit he doesn’t know about fashion. We can forgive that. Besides, the ratchets still love it. Have a great, three day weekend. “Ratchets Still Jockin” is off of King’s debut album Atychiphobia-The Fear of Failure yet to be released.
MP3: Curtiss King “Ratchets Still Jockin”

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