Video Rewind 05.30.2014

Foster The People “Best Friend”

Foster The People’s latest video is for “Best Friend” off their new album Supermodel. The video features a supermodel who isn’t on her best behavior. She has some late nights, and wakes up I the morning, reapplies her makeup, takes some pills and tries to get back to work. It’s hard to look your best when you’re on your worst behavior. And the modeling industry is all about looks, so naturally, our model is jealous of the other model’s around her. This one has a prettier face. Another has legs to kill for. That’s what happens. Our partying, strung out model takes to eating the competition to gain their attributes. She’s like a supermodel Kirby. This leads to an unsavory method of stretching out her neck and arms. She looks like a freak, and begins to break down while walking the catwalk. Moral of the story, don’t eat your friends.

Pixies “Silver Snail”

With a new album, Indie Cindy, set to be released soon, Pixies have released a new video for the single “Silver Snail”. The video opens with a shirtless young man dragging a small bag by a thick rope across the frozen tundra. Whatever is in the bag is extremely heavy as it takes all his strength to move it. He doesn’t have much time as he is being chased by three masked individuals. He makes it to the river where he tosses the bag in but faints and falls into the clutches of the masked men. They carry him off where a fourth masked individual ties a rope around his head. It seems to be one of those endless loops, because the fourth individual removes his mask to reveal he is the young man, picks up a thick rope, and starts dragging a bag across the tundra.

Zinc “Show Me”

Zinc’s latest release is “Show Me”. The video for it takes us to the Millenium Dance Complex in Tokyo. The video is quite cleverly done. It begins with a dancer walking into Studio B and appearing to dance in front of a mirror. The cameraman is visible and walks around the dancer, so we see that she is in a room. When we see her reflection it certainly seems that nothing is amiss. The light’s go out, and when they come back on our dance starts dancing again. Only, this time, her and her reflection are not in sync. Then, her reflection splits and she has two reflections, without either one being parallel to her. The cameraman then seems to step into the mirror, walk behind the reflections, and back through to the original side. You can say this is all computer graphics at work here. But the end of the video demonstrates that the room is built to look as though it has a mirror. There is no mirror, just a group of highly skilled dancers.

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