Video Rewind 05.31.2013

Ivan Ives “8mm”

Ivan Ives has a new album in the works called Stranger. This week he released a video for the track “8mm” off the album. The video was directed by Ivan himself, and was shot using an 8mm app on his iPhone. In Ives’ own words, “8mm” is “about trying to catalog lost memories on 8mm film.” That’s what we find here. Ives breaks up the video into four parts: love, time, work, and fate. It’s brilliant in a way. We think of 8mm film as a technology from the past. Generally you watch 8mm film for the memories of long gone days where you see everyone younger and almost always happy. It’s similar here, particularly with the love chapter. Unfortunately, things are not always how we remember them and so having mementos of when things were good can be uplifting.

The Knocks featuring St. Lucia “Modern Hearts”

The Knocks have a new song featuring St. Lucia called “Modern Hearts”. You can purchase the song on iTunes or Amazon and it even comes with a remix package. The video is your typical story of boy wanting to get with girl. What better way to do that than to perform a bit of grand theft auto? That’s right, our boy in this video sees a Range Rover with the keys still in it. So he hops in and takes off. He calls up his blonde vixen and picks her up. They spend the rest of the day joy riding through New York City before settling on a parking garage in the evening. Here the real fun begins, though it makes me wonder if they realize the amount of forensic evidence they are about to leave behind. It may be the young woman doesn’t know the car is stolen, but these two seem to be thrill seekers. I’m assuming she knows, and that it’s part of the turn-on. Maybe these modern hearts are just acting on some exciting wish to spice things up romantically. Maybe she really doesn’t know the car is stolen. Maybe people leaving their cars on the side of the road anywhere, especially in a city, shouldn’t leave the doors unlocked and the key in the ignition.
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The Bullitts featuring Yasiin Bey, Jay Electronica, and Lucy Liu “They Die By Dawn”

The Bullitts is set to release his new album this Summer called They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories. The single “They Die By Dawn” is star studded. It features Yasiin Bey, better known as Mos Def, Jay Electronica, and Lucy Liu. The video is also star studded featuring Erykah Badu, Michael K. Williams, Isaiah Washington, Jesse Williams, and Rosario Dawson. It takes place in the old west. It’s the NRA’s dream, everyone has guns. It ends with a fatal four-way Mexican standoff. What’s not fun about that? I believe if more preachers carried guns today, and worked on the side as bounty hunters, it could do wonders for the Christian church.
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The Lonely Island featuring Robyn “Go Kindergarten”

June 11th will see the dropping of The Lonely Island’s new album The Wack Album. The video for their new single “Go Kindergarten” is funny in that childish way we’ve all come to know The Lonely Island. We find ourselves in a parking lot with a group of dancers all wearing paper bags over their heads. When the music starts, the video turns into an idiot-ridden game of Simon Says without anyone having to say Simon Says. The dancers get told what to do, and they do it. Even when the order is for the women to “whip their dicks out”. They get told, don’t worry how to do it, just do it. The video also features a ridiculous amount of hashtag messages. They particularly want you to check out Robin Thicke’s video for “Blurred Lines”. It is a favorite among us here at Surviving The Golden Age.

Jessie J featuring Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal “Wild”

Jessie J recently released a new single called “Wild” featuring two of my favorite rappers. I honestly never thought for any reason I’d get to see Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal collaborate on a project. Well, I was wrong, and here it is. The video focuses on Jessie with a short buzzcut dyed blonde dancing in almost nothing. Shot in black and white, the short blonde hair makes for a stark contrast to what the boys are wearing. Jessie comes off as very light except for what she is wearing, and those shots where she’s in front of black and wearing a cheetah outfit. Big Sean walks in without a shirt but some undoubtedly expensive black stole. I’d expect to see him no other way. Then we get Dizzee Rascal who suddenly seems underdressed. He’s wearing what I assume to be are his regular clothes, and one chain. No matter that, the video has energy with three young artists showing off their skills. Summer is almost here, so everyone should get ready to get at least a little wild.

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