Video Rewind 06.20.2014

Got A Girl “Did We Live Too Fast”

Got A Girl is the collaborative effort of Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Dan the Automator. Their debut album I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now will be out July 22nd. Their latest release is “Did We Live Too Fast”, and features the artists as a married couple in the video. Mary finds Dan’s hidden porn which features women with a third eye. This is no metaphor for sex organs, but actual triclops. This upsets Mary who is hurt. This causes Dan to drink, because it obviously means nothing. Mary starts noticing adverts which try to influence women to be more seductive and sexy by getting a third eye, the same way that media puts an emphasis on big breasts and slim waists. So Mary does what any woman would, and gets the third eye. She surprises Dan when he gets home, and they wind up having some very pleasing sex, at least for Dan. As Dan is resting post coitus, Mary leaves and picks up the briefcase he dropped on the living room floor. It pops open, and out from its many papers she finds a porn magazine called “Digits” which features women with more than five fingers on a hand. It just goes to show, whatever a woman can do to be more attractive is never enough.

OK Go “The Writing’s On The Wall”

OK Go will release Hungry Ghosts on October 14th. Their latest single off the album, a song that is also featured on the soundtrack to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is “The Writing’s On The Wall”. This music video really proves to me that OK Go are in fact the hardest working band when it comes to music videos. We’ve seen their well choreographed treadmill skills, their driving and hitting instruments along the side of the road, their Rube Goldberg machine, and now they delve into the visual arts a la Felice Verini style optical illusions. Just have a look at the video for yourself. It’s an instant classic.

Eels “Lockdown Hurricane”

In the video for their latest single “Lockdown Hurricane” off of The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett, Eels display two people in love who have had some difficult choices to make. At the start of the video the couple comes driving up to a house in the desert. This must be there safe house. At first they’re rather unnerved, as they keep a low profile, the blinds drawn, and keep one eye through the slits. A snip and some hair dye turns the blonde woman into a brunette, and a shave and a trim turn the man from a country bumpkin to a male model. They start to let loose, even enjoying each others new looks. The next morning, while embracing as the man gets set to take off with the duffel bag, our brunette takes a bullet to the leg. The man returns fire before being gunned down himself. Two men approach, pick up the duffel bag, revealing DEA on the back of a jacket. Clearly, these aren’t DEA men. They had no reason to shoot first. The bags contents? Drugs and money.

Full Crate x Mar “Man x Woman”

Full Crate x Mar have a new single called “Man x Woman”. The focus for this video is textures. From solid blocks melting in a chemical reaction, to women breaking out of larger blocks covered in grit. It goes from grainy to smooth, as when the women are moving beneath a stretched blanket. Rain trickles down, and the dirt washes off, falling grayish white drops that cling to the skin. It’s not until the dirt is all washed off that color starts to enter the video, primarily in the chocolate colored skin of the woman who becomes the focal point of the video. In the end, we see a man holding a woman in his arms. Then she is gone, leaving the man holding a sheet and its folded remains. The contrast again between the shadows of the folds, the light that is there then isn’t, mirrors the man standing there, and the woman who is gone.

Nico Vega “I Believe (Get Over Yourself)”

Nico Vega will be releasing her new album Lead To Light July 22nd. The latest single from that album is “I Believe (Get Over Yourelf)”. The video features Nico out on the street dancing in a goofy feel good way. It goes great with her lyrics of “come on girl join the party” and “I’m afraid of almost everything”. You see, while Nico dances people come walking her way. She moves to dance near them, potentially getting them to dance with her. They all move away like she’s going to stab them. Some men, who would never leave a blond lady dancing on her own, come running over. Together they join in the awkward choreograph. Eventually more start joining her. Eventually everyone from the elderly to young, from men to women join her for a feel good time on the green. It’s the kind of party all of us want to start, but we never dare.

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