Video Rewind 06.28.2013

The Grouch and Eligh “All These Lights”

The Grouch and Eligh have been working with Pretty Lights to make a new song. The result is their new track “All These Lights”. The video presents interesting visuals as it uses stop-motion and time lapse in conjunction with one another. Users of Vine have seen similarities between it and the video. However, there is a slight difference as each shot took at least 24 takes to make. What you get is a lip-synced, stop motion video that goes perfectly with the timing of the song. This must have been a pain to edit. Entirely worth the effort as it is a joy to watch.
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Matt Pond “Hole in My Heart”

Off his new album The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand, Matt Pond has released a song and video for “Hole in My Heart”. The title of the song makes it seem as though some sort of unfortunate heartbreak has occurred. Luckily, the video seems more like a guy happy to hang with his friends. We see bicycle rides in the night and hanging out at a pretty cool bar. There’s pool at this establishment, and who doesn’t enjoy billiards? If nothing else, the adorable dog at this bar makes it impossible to be sad. They continue their escapades going to a dance club where they get all foolish. All in all, it looks like an awesome time, even after the wipeout on the bicycles.
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Bonnie McKee “American Girl”

Bonnie McKee has been writing #1 singles for artists over the last two years. I had no idea. She finally drops her first single “American Girl”. The video features lip-syncing, as all videos do, but this is one is pretty neat. It’s a collage of her famous friends pretending to sing the song. The same way that mashups are fun to listen to because you try to figure out how many songs you know that are being used, this video is all about how many celebs you can name. Go on, and give it a try.
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Stars “Hold on When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It”

Canadian ensemble Stars have a new album out called The North. Their new single from the album is “Hold on When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It”. As children we need no reason to pretend to be someone else. It’s just fun. You use your imagination and have a great old time. That’s why Halloween is so much fun as a kid. You get to dress up as anything. When we grow up we lose our imagination, which is sad. All of a sudden you need a reason to dress up and pretend, like acting in a play. Or perhaps you are on your way to a Halloween party. Adults these days don’t all abide by these rules as anyone who dressed up to ComiCon can tell you. The masters of this dress up and make believe have to be drag queens. They go all out being a totally different person than they really are, at least in terms of a man who pretends to be a woman. They own it to the nines. They have fun with it, and often the people around them have fun as well. It would be great if we could all let loose and just pretend to be something different than we are. It doesn’t make you weird, it makes you the adventurer you were when you were born.
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M.I.A. “Bring the Noize”

M.I.A. has a new album coming out called Matangi. Her latest single from the album is “Bring The Noize”. She brings more than the noise in this song and video. I am thoroughly convinced that if M.I.A. is around the word “no” disappears from any and all vocabularies. This video features M.I.A. in a white out party. Everyone is wearing white. There’s even white smoke in the air, yet it still has this militant feel. Not everyone is invited to this party, and there is no questioning that girls don’t run this show, just M.I.A. For a woman to run on par with the boys in rap isn’t unheard of. It is still the exception than the rule. Everything Niki Minaj would like to be, M.I.A. already is. No one throws a party like she does, and no one murders a beat like an automatic weapon except her. She just does not give a fuck. Here’s to the weekend.
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