Video Rewind 07.12.2013

The Julie Ruin “Oh Come On”

Kathleen Hanna has already made a name for herself with acts such as Le Tigre and Bikini Kill. Now, she has a new band called The Julie Ruin. The band has a debut album called Run Fast that will be out September 3rd. They debuted a new video for their song “Oh Come On.” This video is very much I’d imagine a Kathleen Hanna performance to go. You get the band. You get Kathleen. She’s doing her thing as the band rocks out. For me, it’s all about the faces and the screaming keyboardist. The only one to smile the whole time is the blonde guitarist. The feature is clearly Kathleen with her many faces and exaggerated body movements. She comes off as one of those spoiled pageant kids who think they are the best thing in the world. The lack of glamor and crowns, though, shows that Kathleen is just having fun in an innocent, yet loud way.
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MS MR “Think of You”

As a child I particularly remember watching MTV with my cousins. For some reason Cyndi Lauper videos always caught my attention. I would sometimes wish that I could jump into the videos. MS MR have a new album Secondhand Ratpures which will be released September 16th. Their song “Think of You” from the album features a video about a little boy who likes to watch artists perform on the local public access television show. What a coincidence that Lizzy Plapinger has hair colored in a fashion that Lauper has worn herself in the past. There are various psychedelic scenes that ensue, but the big win is that the boy enters the television and finds himself right there with the band. Look, Lizzy is not a bad looking girl. We should all be so lucky as to rock out with her, except not to this song. She’s not happy in this song. So let’s just watch her on video instead.
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Crushed Out “Push Down and Twist”

Crushed Out are a rock duo featuring a guitarist and a drummer. They share the vocals. A debut album called Want to Give is out now and features a song called “Push Down and Twist”. I was fearful the video would be about opening a medication bottle, but it’s far better than that. What we see is a sad rock concert turn into quite the event to be at. When Crushed Out begin performing, all we see is a lonely gentleman in a suit sitting at the bar trying to drink. He does not want to be disturbed, or at least is quite surprised to see anyone performing at all. Enter the nudist couple who are loving the uptempo music. A Mexican Country performer joins them on stage. The next thing you know, it’s like the Warped Tour breaks out. Skateboarders, hipster bicyclist gangsters, burlesque dancers, circus performers, a man doing one hell of a robot all appear. The man at the bar even starts bopping, too. This quickly escalates to the event of the year.
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Ain’t No Love “Fake Your Dreams”

Hip Hop group Ain’t No Love have an EP called Tears of Joy. Their new single from the album is “Fake Your Dreams” which has a new video. The video looks like the hip hop version of Sesame Street with all its colors on the city streets. It’s nice to see all the performers having a good time. Most noticeably is how you have a female vocalist and her backup dancers looking very nice, and not being overly sexual about it. Don’t believe me? Watch the guy with the basketball. He notices. Still, it’s a version of hip hop we don’t usually see. No bragging, no bling, no booze, nothing inappropriate. It’s a community coming together for the better. Honestly, the only chain I see is on a little kid. Let him have some fun. I’m certainly not entertaining the idea of wearing that jacket with the flowers on it, but I would go out and chill on the block with Ain’t No Love.
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Big Black Delta “X22”

Big Black Delta have a self-titled album out now. Their new release off the album is “X22”. The video gets down and dirty. Prison does not work as a deterrent for crime. If the criminals became the victims, crime would probably look so enticing. The video for “X22” opens with a girl walking the sidewalk of a city. A car filled with obvious gangsters pulls up and starts hooting and hollering at her. She gets uncomfortable and quickens her pace turning into an alley. They follow, stop the car, and proceed to tell her that this is going to happen. The driver gets out, makes his way over to her. The unexpected happens. The next scene shows the girl’s head getting sprayed with what must be blood as she carries quite the angry expression. She has the driver on the ground and is slamming the door against his head. As the other two try to escape, she makes her way one by one taking care of them as well. We see her walking away a second time, only now she has an accomplished smile on her face. I like to think she’s like a more realistic version of Superman. He would never do anything wrong. She doesn’t want to, but when the situation calls for it, she punishes those who deserve it. The moral of this video is don’t rape, with a second moral all about how you should never underestimate anyone.
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