Video Rewind 07.17.2015

Ninja June “For Love”

Ninja June’s video for “For Love” features a man dancing on his own in an empty building. When you find something you enjoy doing, you often do it when you are alone. You find some place all to yourself and set yourself to doing it. It’s how you know you love it. There is no audience. It is not work you will be paid for, or possibly even work that you will share with someone else. I know he’s dancing on camera for a video, but I believe the viewer is supposed to know that you are getting a peek at a character who simply loves to dance for love. He’s sweaty in a dirty empty space, and he’s dancing. What other reason can he have for this than he loves it?

Yo La Tengo “Friday I’m in Love”

Yo La Tengo’s take on The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love” includes a video. In that video Georgia Hubley can be seen collecting clay figures. As she’s doing this people are exploding and giant hearts are falling from the sky. The world is under attack because it’s Friday, and Georgia’s in love. In the future weeks will consist of six days instead of seven. Thursday goes from a 24 hour period to a 48 hour period between Wednesday and Saturday. Apparantly pacifists have had it wrong all along, love can kill the world.

Little Boots “No Pressure”

Little Boots latest video is for “No Pressure”. The video takes place in an office, which usually is a place of much pressure. The wonderful thing about this office is that when Victoria (Little Boots) walks on over and taps her workers, they get up and start dancing. If only we all had bosses that let us know that there’s no pressure, then let us get up and dance when we were having a long day.

Nate Ruess “Great Big Storm”

Nate Ruess is back with a new video for “Great Big Storm”. In it, Nate’s in the city singing his typical songs about trying to stay positive through life’s negatives. He’s got a big band behind him, and they’re not stopping even in the rain. It can be taxing trying to stay up through the downs. At the end of the video, when the song stops, the parade behind him scatters walking off in all directions. Nate, soaked to the bone, puts his hand to his face and wipes the water away. He doesn’t look particularly happy, but then being happy doesn’t always mean you show it.

Good Old War “Tell Me What You Want From Me”

Good Old War’s video for “Tell Me What You Want From Me” starts off with a clown going to a children’s party. He’s doing a great job until he gets zapped right before the children’s eyes. This leads to much trauma, and children running around in terror while parents try to catch and calm them down. We see other clowns in the video. Systematically, they too are zapped out of existance. In the end we make sense out of this as the whole thing has been an arcade game called Clown Zap.

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