Video Rewind 07.18.2013

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On the Dancefloor)”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have a new single called “If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t On the Dancefloor)”. They debuted a video for the track through The video follows two police officers trying to arrest and stop the band from rocking the dance floors. It’s quite funny how bad these police officers are at finding the two. They do little more than blend into the surrounding walls of the streets. At one point, one of the officers is leaning against the band and doesn’t even realize it. Luckily for us all, when they track the band down to their gig, the two police officers join in on the festivities and no one is arrested. Dale Earnhardt Jr. can probably get you away from the police by fleeing in a car.Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. can get you away from the police by rocking out.
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Morgan Page featuring The Outfield “Your Love”

Morgan Page has a new take on The Outfield’s “Your Love”. The cool thing is Morgan got The Outfield’s Tony Lewis to record the vocals for the song. The video is interesting, too. It’s a lyric video that uses the modern day social dating services as a platform. It begins as though you, the viewer, apparently a man, is signing up for a dating site. You get to see the pictures of the girls, as they move in this case, and read their profiles. The lyrics to the songs appear throughout the profiles and chats and are highlighted as Tony sings them. The lyrics to the song are “I just want to use your love tonight”. They actually have dating sites for that now. You just meet people for sex. I don’t think that’s what’s meant here at all, but it is kind of weird that you can even find love on the internet.

Is Tropical “Lover’s Cave”

IS TROPICAL – “Lover’s Cave” from Maison Kitsuné on Vimeo.

Is Tropical have an album out with the name I’m Leaving. Their new single from the album is “Lover’s Cave”. The song is inspired by a tale of two lovers who go down to a cave by the sea. They go inside and make love only to be swept out to the sea by waves. That’s pretty much where the similarities between story and video end, in the lyrics. What we find is the band performing in a room with semi-nude and nude women. Then after some time we see everyone making out. I have a feeling this is much of what Is Tropical do when not performing or recording as indicated by the drummers t-shirt which reads “Same Shit Every Day”. There may be some correlation to the bedroom being a lover’s cave, but it’s hard to pick out with all the boobs in the video. This is the one time where you shouldn’t worry about making eye contact. Enjoy.

Bastille “Things We Lost in the Fire”

Bastille have a new album called Bad Blood that is out now. Their latest single from the album is “Things We Lost in the Fire”. The video for it is interesting. It starts out with a group of men walking through the tundra. One of them comes across a bullet laying on the ground. He picks it up, and it starts him remembering things. It’s funny how sometimes you can try to force yourself to remember something and just can’t. The second you see, hear, smell, or taste some random object and it triggers a cascade of memories. There was some sort of business with a gun and woman in this man’s memories. He croons about things lost in the fire, but in this case the fire isn’t an actual fire. It’s some even that happened that ate up everything and left only ashes. We do see blood next to a car, but you never really know whose blood it is. The man’s? The woman’s? Perhaps someone else’s? Is this really a tundra with wolves in pursuit, or is it more of a purgatory for lost souls?
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Leftover Cuties “One Heart”

Leftover Cuties will release their new album The Spark and The Fire next week. Their new single is “One Heart” about getting dumped. The video has clothing and dancing, and parading that reminds me of Louisiana. Isn’t that a proper analogy for heartbreak? That region of the south is known for voodoo. Falling in love is kind of like having a spell cast on you. When that spell breaks, it’s painful. I really do enjoy the wardrobe here, the dancing, the women with parasols. This is what funerals done there look like though they typically wear black. So, it’s interesting that they’ve chosen lighter colors for the video. Still, with a charming name like Leftover Cuties, how could you not expect a charming little video?
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