Video Rewind 07.20.2012

Curtiss King “Fvck Cancer”

Curtiss King is off the streets in his latest video. He’s sitting in a leather sofa chair, telling us all about the adversity that he’s faced. Now, he’s overcome it all. Why fvck cancer? Well, as Curtiss says, cancer took his grandfather away. Losing his grandfather, having people turn their back on him, and Curtiss is still rapping. “Fvck Cancer” is off of his current release Atychiphobia – The Fear of Failure.
Curtiss King – Fvck Cancer.mp3

James Iha “To Who Knows Where”

Inspired by David Bowie’s 1976 film The Man Who Fell To Earth, James Iha’s video for “To Who Knows Where” follows a similar plot. Iha falls to Earth. His goal is to get off the planet and back home. Along the way he meets an Earth woman, and is chased by villainous characters. While perhaps not as ambitious as Muse with their video for “Knights of Cydonia”, Iha does hit on something that should get more than a few viewers intrigued. If you’re a fan of the old 70’s sci-fi films then this video is for you. “To Who Knows Where” is off of Iha’s Look To The Sky which is set for release September 18th.
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Zak Downtown “Kiss Me Goodnight”

The plight of the modern man: you wake up, make your way over to the fridge and it’s filled with food but all you’re concerned with is liquor. The beer bottle has only a sip or two left to it. The tequila is all gone. Your girlfriend has gone back to Miami and blames you for everything. Bad things happen in threes, right? Still, you can’t keep Zak Downtown down. Probably because he goes downtown and starts his day buying more liquor. That’s where he meets his new love. Looking for the type of girl that won’t be angry at him for smoking weed, or better yet will join him, Zak takes off in a chase to meet and greet his Venus. “Kiss Me Goodnight” is off Zak’s latest mixtape Downtown Delinquents.
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A-Wax “I Miss You”

A-Wax gets serious for a moment with his latest song and video “I Miss You”. Dedicated to people he’s lost along his road of life, A-Wax tells us and them that he remembers them and that he misses them. Rivers Cuomo croons about his time spent in the garage being a place to find solace. For A-Wax, the garage in the video seems a place where he goes to think about the people lost. I’m not sure he finds solace there. It’s more a place of mourning. While we’ve all assuredly lost people in our lives, the way A-Wax has lost them seems darker and more disturbing. The video ends with A-Wax walking off with a loaded revolver and getting into his car. What happens next is left up to us. “I Miss You” is off of his latest release Everybody Loves Me: Chapter 1.

Buffetlibre featuring Nick Krill “The Sun in the Shade”

The new Buffetlibre video “The Sun in the Shade” features vocals by Nick Krill of The Spinto Band fame. More interestingly, it was shot in Cap de Creus, Spain. For those of you who don’t know, Cap de Creus is the birthplace of Salvador Dali. No, the video is not shot in Dali’s signature painting style. It features Nick out in the countryside singing. An unknown beauty swims on the beaches of Spain, then makes her way over to a party. At the party are numerous unknown people and Buffetlibre. There’s lots of water in this video with plenty of cinematography under the surface. This seems the likely theme for a video for this song. Just listen to the melody, and tell me you don’t feel like firing up the grill and having a blast. Too bad I don’t live in Spain. Summer looks amazing there. “The Sun in the Shade” is off of Buffetlibre’s EP of the same name.
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DOSVEC “Undici”

The release of Dosvec’s Summer Social EP earlier this week means its time for a new music video. The video is for “Undici,” a mashup between Foamo‘s “Wardance” and Archie‘s “Rainbow N Dash.” The video is basically is high-speed footage following various people around (generally walking up or down stairs). If you easily get motion sickness, you might want to sit this video out. But don’t miss the song, it’s another banger from Dosvec.
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