Video Rewind 07.24.2015

Karmin “Didn’t Know You”

Karmin are back with a new video for “Didn’t Know You”. The duo are joined by a group of people, and for some reason Amy Heidemann and another woman are wanted outlaws. Not only that, but the two are about to engage in a duel. There’s a setup here, however, so Amy doesn’t win. While this is going on a bounty hunter is up on a mountain looking for the two female outlaws. While Amy is losing the shootout, he’s shooting the other woman. Amy makes sure that no one makes it out alive.

Thundercats “Them Changes”

Thundercats latest video for “Them Changes” starts out pretty awesome. I know a few people who’d be excited to have samurai fights in complete samurai armor in their garage. Unfortanately, there’s also a downside to this. As the man who loses the fight finds out, having both your arms cut off makes for a difficult life. Just look how sad he is sitting on the sofa watching his opponent sell videos on television where he will instruct you how to fight like a samurai. He needs his daughter to come over and turn the television off. Even then he sits there just staring into the kitchen remember days when he was a young man playing swords with sticks. He’ll never know that joy again.

Summer Cannibals “Show Us Your Mind”

Summer Cannibals take us back to The Twilight Zone with their video for “Show Us Your Mind”. They play off the William Shatner episode “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” where Shatner plays a man on an airplane. As the airplane enters a storm, Shatner looks out the window and sees a monster on the wing. Everyone time he tries to alert someone to this, there is nothing out on the wing. Eventually, the monster starts to rip apart wires and damage an enging. Still, no one sees a thing and they treat him as though he’s delusional. The plane safely lands, but there is visible damage to the engine. Eerie. In the video’s version a man sees one of the band members out on the wing in a similar fashion. That’s worth a chuckle. The next episode they parody is “To Serve Man”. In this episode aliens come to Earth. They give people the ability to protect themselves from attack by putting up invisible forcefields around their countries. They teach how to make changes to the soil to make it more fertile, thus ending world hunger. All they ask for in return is that some humans come back to their planet. There’s an FBI agent who works on decoding encrypted messages. He is tasked with deciphering the strange written language of the aliens. His team does so, but just as he himself is about to board a UFO. It terms out the manuscript To Serve Man isn’t a guide on how to help people, but a cookbook. In the video the band is already on the space ship. One of them is called upon by the alien, so they force one of the girls to go. She is tied to a chair, and then killed wih a cleaver. The final part of the video shows the band having a picnic. Here’s where some revenge comes in. That girl they sent to her death now has the power to make your head explode with just her mind. Weird.

Summer Camp “You’re Gone”

Summer Camp’s video for “You’re Gone” is a tale of sport and love. The couple Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey play a pair of Roller Derby coaches who were once in love. It turns out that the duo were very good coaching their team to a league championship. They kept repeating as champions, though each year the photo showed tension growing between the two of them until finally only Jeremy is the coach. The following year of that championship, Elizabeth’s coaching a new team, and they’re the champions now. Also, they’re all zombies, Elizabeth included. In this enstallment of the the league championship, their teams are facing off. As the game gets under way, Jeremy can’t stop looking at Elizabeth. By the end, the two find themselves face to face in the middle. They hold hands and start to walk off, Elizabeth even snarling at Jeremy for a moment as they do so. That’s love, when you don’t want another championship. You just want your Zombie ex-girlfriend back.

Black Eyed Peas “Yesterday”

The Black Eyed Peas are back with a new track “Yesterday”. The song is all about wanting to go back to their hip-hop roots. It doesn’t feauture Fergie, but the original trio. It includes interesting takes on some of the classics of hip-hop as the performers each take turns putting a twist on some well known lyrics. It’s a bit controversial from what I’ve read on the internet, since those who don’t seem to like the Peas call it an attrocity, while others rave about it. I think it’s all well since this is a tribute to those that came before them. The video sets the three in a record store, where they hold up the album cover to whatever song they’re alluding to, or rapping to over a sample of that song. Sometimes we get a zoom in of the album cover to see that the trio are on it. They’re doing their thing on these album covers, but you can see that they’re paying homage to the greats.

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