Video Rewind 07.31.2015

Weezer “Go Away”

This isn’t your grandparents’ form of dating. The new video for “Go Away” by Weezer features Rivers Cuomo trying to catch the perfect profile pic for his Winder account. That’s Weezer’s form of Tinder. Unfortunately, everything his friends try doesn’t seem to be working. There is no look for our adorable frontman that seems to wow the girl he wants. So, in the end he resorts to setting up a scenario where he’s her hero. I don’t suggest anyone do this. Women do not like being lied to.

Bingo Players “Curiosity”

Bingo Players video for “Curiosity” is all about them dancing shoes. It starts off with a woman walking home, heels in hand, from a night of clubbing. She comes across these slip on shoes, so she does what anyone would do. She puts them on. This leads to her dancing in the street. She’s doing a wonderful job, but decides it’s time to stop, so she takes them off and tosses them. This is when a painter of walls finds them. He dons them until he can’t take the dancing any more and tosses them out the window. This is where a parking lot attendant finds them. He suffers the same fate as the others. It’s wonderful to dance, but at some point you just want to get on with your life.

Galantis “Peanut Butter Jelly”

Galantis are back with a new video for “Peanut Butter Jelly”. Though the video takes place in a supermarket, the focus isn’t on the peanut butter and jelly aisle. Working in retail I have to say, if this video were to occur where I am employed, I would have the best of days. When the man in the robe standing in line at the register explodes into dance in his Fruit Roll-up style attire, it worries the other patrons. Soon, it spreads, and everyone is in their own signature Fruit Roll-up attire. This may be the best video ever produced.

Keys N Krates featuring Katy B “Save Me”

Keys N Krates have teamed up with Katy B for the track “Save Me”. The video is basically what opponents of gay marriage believe society will devolve to if one man can marry another, or one woman another. The people in the video are all in love with inanimate objects. A bridge, a car, a shopping cart, a speaker, these are all things the people love. In the case of the cart, it’s a tumultuous relationship. Yes, the car lover actually marries his car and becomes as he puts it, “a one car garage”. It’s all so ridiculous.

Josef Salvat “Open Season”

Josef Salvat’s video for “Open Season” shows how lonely the life of an entertainer can be. Josef is on set for his video and as we see the scenes a title appears telling us which obligatory scene of the video it is. Particularly interesting is the end of the video. When they wrap, the girls by the pool get up and grab towels. The lights go off. Josef sits down in the director’s chair, when a man comes over and tells him to get up. Off goes the chair and Josef is just left standing there. It’s the lonely life.

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