Video Rewind 08.02.2013

Ghostpoet “Cold Win”

The second single from Ghostpoet’s Some Say I So I Say Light is “Cold Win”. The song sounds metallic and electronic as though there is tinkering going on around Ghostpoet’s smooth voice. The visuals we get are of empty rooms, empty roads that seem to go on forever with mountains in the distance. We see the rapper sitting in his car, unable to start it and drive. Water bubbles around him as though gravity were nonexistent. The song is about being utterly lost, not in the sense that you don’t know where you are, but in the sense that you don’t know where to go. You are in such despair that you just don’t have any idea where to turn before the sun goes down on your heart. The landscapes in the video were shot in Iceland. Where else could one feel truly overwhelmed but in a land where there is no real barricade to as far as the eye can see.
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Wise Blood “Alarm”

Wise Blood’s album id features his new single “Alarm”. The video follows a modern day Thelma & Louise with a bit of a mysterious twist. The two females have a plan to steal from some well to do household. They drive off with their loot no one the wiser. This all after having shot someone. Sooner than they would like they realize they are being followed. This is not the police, but someone with bright lights and an equally powerful muscle car. The women criminals are scared and try to outrun their pursuers. Eventually they pull of the road and find themselves with nowhere to go. One woman gets out of the car and approaches the other vehicle. She sets down a bag with the stolen merchandise, and that is all we know. Was this a simple burglary? Was it a burglary disguised as a ransom? Who knows. If only the house had an alarm.
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Gaytheist “Stomach Pains”

In Gaytheist’s video for their new single “Stomach Pains”, off of Hold Me…But Not So Tight, we find out just how strong Gaytheist really is. One should never take all three Gaytheist at once. The result is not a fiver hour energy drink, but one very upset stomach and a feeling of having eaten the hottest peppers on earth. You also feel as though you’re in the movie Alien when the insides of your stomach feel like they are about to come bursting out. You can survive Gaytheist, and if you’re truly tough enough you will go back for more.
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Fol Chen “The False Alarms”

In her new video for “The False Alarms” from the album of the same name, Fol Chen takes on the dark forces of sleepover get together. Playing the old “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board”, Fol Chen takes up into the air and remains there. Days after the party ends she is still afloat as life underneath her resumes. A séance cannot bring her down. Nothing seems to be able to bring her down. A priest is called din, to no avail. Hooligans break into the home, now abandoned, and have a party. The house is eventually toppled, and yet Fol Chen remains floating. It’s the typical story of some friend’s, cousin’s, neighbor’s, uncle’s daughter. We all know it.

When Saints Go Machine “System of Unlimited Love”

When Saints Go Machine have found the next sport to take over the Olympics. In their video for “System of Unlimited Love”, off of Infinity Pool, we see a combination of synchronized swimming and pole dancing. That is to say, we get several pole dancers who are performing a synchronized routine. There is something gymnastic and magical about it. There’s not much more that can be said to put these women’s move into words and still have the full effect grasped. So better to view and enjoy the video for what it is. Seduction as art.

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