Video Rewind 08.15.2014

The Muffs “Weird Boy Next Door”

With their recent release of Whoop Dee Doo The Muffs have put out their first album in ten years. The latest single from their release is “Weird Boy Next Door”. We’ve all had weird neighbors. Without knowing it, we may have been someone else’s weird neighbor. In the video for the song, The Muffs actually do have a weird boy next door. It’s probably not the lederhosen dancing, the giant lollipop he eats, or the magician act that makes this one weird. If anything it’s got to be shooting arrows at stuffed animals in the direction of your neighbor’s house. And what’s worse, the band seems absolutely obsessed with whatever is going on next door. Lucky for us all, this guy isn’t actually crazy enough to kill anyone.

Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora “Black Widow”

Iggy Azalea’s latest single features Rita Ora on vocals. The video for “Black Widow” features much more. As we enter Big Wanda’s we see Michael Madsen acting like a jerk while he tries to get a sandwhich with Rita Ora. He gives waitress Iggy a hard time. That’s when Big Wanda gets involved dropping the sexual innuendos. Iggy goes back to chop some lettuce, when she goes into daydream mode. Obviously drawing from Kill Bill, Iggy and Rita become katana wielding, motorcycle riding, assassins. T.I. and Paul Sorvino make some cameo appearances as well.

Amber Run “Pilot”

Amber Run’s latest video for “Pilot” actually follows the story begun in “I Found”. Long story short, two men break into a house and kidnap a woman. Once they have her in the woods, one man with long gray hair is about to hurt her. The younger man defends her. As the vidoe for “Pilot” starts, the younger man and the woman are on the run. They wind up having to sleep in the woods one night, but find their way out the next day and start to follow water in hopes of finding help. The man with the gray hair awakens, gets in his car, and starts driving. As it turns out, the couple find a road and make their way towards it as they see a car coming. The car stops to help, and the woman gets in back. The man, though, has second thoughts and doesn’t enter the car. He shuts the door and lets it drive off. As he stands in the middle of the road, he notices a familiar vehicle with the gray haired man driving at him. We don’t see what happens, but it sure seems as a car is about to hit a person. What caused the change of heart in the one captor who sets the woman free? Perhaps like the lyrics of the song, he found love where it wasn’t supposed to be.

Waze & Odyssey featuring R. Kelly “Bump and Grind 2014”

For their latest single Waze & Odyssey give us their take of R. Kelly’s “Bump n Grind”. The video features an Asian man who makes his way to a garage sale. He finds R. Kelly’s album and starts playing it on a record player. He also finds a bottle of Bump & Grind. He sprays the cologne on himself and starts to move uncontrollably. He eventually gets chased away from the sale for being disruptive. This is when he slams into a person in a bear costume trying to draw attention to the sale. The bear dances, pretty damn well, before removing the head to reveal a woman. This makes our Asian man nervous, but he accepts the challenge to dance and outperforms the bear. They walk off arm in arm, and just like that some R. Kelly and Bump and Grind can turn a regular guy into a true player.

Oliver Heldens “Koala”

Oliver Heldens has a new single out “Koala”. The video shows an old Japanese style family living in a mansion with the paper walls. They all wear robes and belts. The father puts his son to sleep with a stuffed koala bear. I, too, once had a stuffed koala bear known affectionately as Wally. For that reason, this video hit a special place with me. As for the dad, he goes out back and begins attacking a bansai tree with clippers. He then pulls out his sword and hacks it. All of a sudden a man jumps up roughly dressed as a plant. The two fight throughout the house finally awaking the boy. As he runs out, his father sees his adversary lying on the ground. All he boy sees is a bonsai tree in the corner, his dad standing up facing away from him, and his koala lying on the ground. Hard to truly understand what has happened here, but the dad is clearly paranoid.

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