Video Rewind 08.21.2015

Tame Impala “Let It Happen”

Tame Impala is back with a new album Currents and a new video for “Let It Happen”. The video features a man at the airport. He’s in his business suit and carrying a briefcase, but he looks quite upset. As it turns out, he’s not feeling well and soon finds himself laying on the floor. This is where he starts hallucinating. He’s on the airplane, in his hotel room, back on the airplane. This is where shit hits the fan as the airplane is undergoing some rough times. He’s the only one awake as the other passengers are resting with their eyes shut. His panic only gets worse, but the truth is that he’s still on the floor at the airport. A flight attendant has found him and called for help. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s a bit too late.

Motion City Soundtrack “Lose Control”

Motion City Soundtrack’s latest video for “Lose Control” doesn’t actually feature much losing control. It actually shows someone finding it. Justin Pierre is sitting and eating breakfast at his table when he reaches out and touches the flowers in the vase. They begin to wilt. He heads outside and shakes hands with a neighbor. The neighbor dies on the spot. At one point Justin looks up at a tree, and all its leaves fall off. Justin is even driving his car when that, too, dies. He’s having a tough day. He runs off to the woods where he meets up with a woman who reminds me of Snow White. Together they go running back to Justin’s house in the night. All is well, as you can see in the fact that his neighbor is alive, and the flowers on his table are revived.

The Chemical Brothers “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted”

The Chemical Brothers are back with a new album Born in the Echoes. Their latest video is for “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted”. The tail of this video is of a hunting party. They’re in a white van in the desert, but they’re hunting something that resembles a zombie. This woman has an eye that isn’t working, a broken leg that she is hobbling on, and a gash in her chest. She hobbles over to a set of gas pumps with a metal statue. She pulls out the pump, sticks in her open wound, and starts pumping gas. Seeing that the men are after her, she grabs the left leg of the metal man, rips off her broken one, and sticks on the metal leg. Now she’s set to walk better. She notices ahead of her a man who has only one leg and his dragging himself along the ground with a claw. She calls to him, and he turns around to move towards her. He reaches out for help, but when the two touch they are combined into one. As the van catches up to them, the woman places the man’s eye into her socket where the bad one is. At this point the van reverses and high tails it out of there, but the woman/man hybrid can run fast. We’re left to assume what happens, but it doesn’t seem good for the men in the van.

Say Lou Lou “Blue on Blue”

Say Lou Lou have given us their take on Bobby Vinton’s breakup song “Blue on Blue”. The video is in three parts, each showing a different relationship. The first time you see each couple, they’re heavy in the makeout phase. In the second part each relationship is in more of a communicating stage. Things look neither great nor bad. The third part is the arguing/breakup phase. Of course the really interesting aspect of this video is the circle in the upper left corner. This lets the viewer control a 360 degree rotation of the video. You can even look up and down. In this way, you get to explore the video. If you do nothing, you just see Say Lou Lou singing. You have to look around to find the couples and what they’re doing.

Brick + Mortar “Brighter Than The Sun”

Brick + Mortar’s video for “Brighter Than The Sun” is a tale of vengence. It starts with home video of a mother and a daughter. The mother is promising the daughter that she is brighter than the sun for ever and ever. We then start having overlapping scenese. The secondary scenes are of an older girl. She’s traveling to the city. In her hand is an article about a woman whose death has been ruled a suicide leaving behind a husband and daughter. We next follow this older girl into the city where she rents herself a hotel room. Here she changes her appearance. She goes out with a friend using a fake I.D. to get into a club. The two meet up with a pair of boys, and things get interesting as they make their way to one of the boy’s houses. In the car she drugs the driver’s drink. This works out well, as by the time they get to his bedroom, he passes out. She searches the room until she finds a gun. Using gloves, she’s sure to get the boy’s fingerprints all over the gun. She then leaves, and heads back to a house outside the city. She enters, and heads to the bedroom where a man is sleeping. We go back to see the original girl from the beginning of the video peaking out of her door. She sees her father on top of her mother, and we learn that the suicide most likely wasn’t a suicide. Putting it all together, we realize that the girl has grown up and is killing her father.

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