Video Rewind 08.29.2014

The Chainsmokers featuring Siren “Kanye”

The Chainsmokers have made it onto popular radio with their single “Kanye” which features Siren. The video features a maid who cleans up in the fancy hotels where all the extremely rich, super privelaged people who may or may not have lost touch with reality stay. You can hear the one girl complaining to her friend about another girl texting her man, or just the man she wishes was her man. Anyways, they exit for the party and that’s when the maid goes over to clean in the bathroom. She stops and starts to admire the dresses they have and the jewelry. Before you know it, she’s dressed up and enjoying the way she looks. When the girls see her, they invite her out with them. She goes to a pool party where there are more rich fancy people. The help hardly gets noticed. When a waitress trips and falls in front of the maid, she is the only who notices and gets down to help. She places her tiara on the waitress, and makes her way out. She doesn’t really want to live like this. She makes her way home on foot, where she checks in on her daughter before going to cuddle with her husband who’s asleep in bed. The video ends with a shot of the maid’s uniform. As much as she wants to be like Kanye, she’d rather have her own life. It’s a case of be careful what you wish for.

Pell “Runaway”

When someone is on your mind, you’re never alone, but you’re also not with that person. In his video for “Runaway”, Pell is able to demonstrate how one can actually be alone in the city. If he’s not in his apartment feeling lonely, he’s out riding his bike across abandoned streets, and empty alley ways. All the while, his girl is on his mind. He pictures her out in the city having gone off, or run away, at least from him if not the city. You see the two on screen at the same time, but it’s always Pell in the foreground and his girl in the background. They never make eye contact. It really is physical embodiment of what it feels like to want to hash things out with someone when a relationship has become complicated. Of course, for his side of the story there is a narrative of being away touring and how that gets in the way, and then he does some silly things. You never get a glimpse of her side of the story. But that’s how heartache goes, it’s the one thing that two people can share while each feeling it is entirely their own. You can find “Runaway” on Pell’s Floating While Dreaming out now.

Marco With Love “In The Shade”

Marco With Love’s latest single from Love is “In The Shade”. In the video, Marco plays some sort of angel-like being. We can see him as he is, but the two women who he hangs around can’t see him at all. The first is an older woman who is in an unhappy marriage. She’s getting ready for bed, and when she gets into bed her husband rolls away from her rather than accepting a kiss goodnight. Just like that, she feels worthless and alone. When we later see her sitting on the edge of the bed, in her mind alone, but to us next to Marco, we see that as he reaches out and holds her hand she finds hope anew. Then, rising, she passes right through Marco and out the door. The second women is at her work and looks completely tired and worn out. Again, Marco stands behind her with his hands on her shoulders. In this moment, she finds hope and vision. As she pushes back her chair it goes straight through Marco as though he weren’t there. Twice now, he’s been there for someone only to find that he is no longer needed, and has not been acknowledged. The real kicker here for Marco is at the end. He’s standing outside, or leaning against a railing would be more accurate, when an attractive blond walks by. He gives her a glance, she smiles. She comes back, stands before him, then walks through him, stopping only to turn and smile before going on her way. It’s a tough job trying to make the world a better place.

Redfoo “New Thang”

Redfoo is back with a red Delorean and a new video for his single “New Thang”. Redfoo is looking for his new girl. As he rolls up, there are plenty of young women in spandex to make the perfect spandex wearing couple with him. However, every time Redfoo gets his groove going he’s one upped by a hip saxophone player. Redfoo is no fool. It may take him a while, but he soon figures out how to get the girls bouncing for him again. If you can’t beat the saxophone player, get a saxophone of your own. This shouldn’t be news to anyone, playing instruments can get you a girl. That’s less likely if you’re playing the accordian, unless you’re playing accordian for Redfoo.

Zola Jesus “Dangerous Days”

Zola Jesus will release her album TAIGA on October 7th. Her latest video is for “Dangerous Days”. The album was written on Vashon Island, Washington which must be quite the natural place. The video for “Dangerous Days” is shot in the great outdoors of what could be Washington state. The lake, the woods, the mountains, and the beach could very well be some of the beautiful west coast that I so often hear about. And considering the message of the song is to unite and find peace, there is little elsewhere you can go to find peace. On top of Nika, the woman behind Zola Jesus, being out in the wild singing and dancing her plea for peace, we get a digitized version. It reminds me of those toys where you push on the back end, the pins go up, and you get that Han Solo frozen in carbonite effect. I think it was called Pin Art. Anyways, I can certainly see shooting music videos becoming a tedious thing, but when you get to go shoot at a location such as this, it seems completely worth it.

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