Video Rewind 08.31.2012

The Flaming Lips and Amanda Palmer “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”

The first time ever the Flaming Lips put out a video for this song, we saw Erykah Badu’s sister Nayrok in some interesting situations. Needless to say, the Badus made a stink and the video was removed from existence. So, the Lips got Amanda Palmer on board to record the song over and shoot a brand new video. Palmer is no stranger to being naked on film, so you’ll see plenty of her as she writhes around in a tub of water. If you’re looking for the creepy, white goo and other interesting accessories that Nayrok took part in, you won’t find them here. I guess after that last stunt either Palmer was onto their wicked ways, or maybe the band just decided to tone it down.

Band of Horses “Knock Knock”

I like this video. The concept is that the band is a bunch of animals in the wild. Our nature show crew gets out there and video tapes them in their natural habitat. This appears to be in the middle of a desert. Yet, our Band of Horses don’t seem to notice the crew at all even though there is no place to hide. If only this were real life. You could walk down to the local club and watch your favorite artist have a drink. The whole time they haven’t a clue you’re there. “Knock Knock” is off their album Mirage Rock.
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The Hives “Wait A Minute”

Snarled lips and sweat. It’s kinda sexy. Close ups of faces show just how weird we really look. This video is quite literally in your face. And that’s kinda fun. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna be right up as close as possible at a concert. You know, staring right into the bands’ eyes. In fact, the only thing missing from this video is the feel of spit and sweat hitting you in the face. “Wait A Minute” is off of The Hives’ summer release Lex Hives. Wait a minute, but no more, before getting their album if you haven’t already.
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Van She “Jamaica”

Where else could this video be shot but in Jamaica? And that’s exactly where the band goes for this one. They appear to be the only white people on the island. Still, they have fun with no inhibitions. Why not? They hit the record store, dance in the streets, and of course hit the bar. Swimming in the Caribbean, a kicking bon fire. I wish I were there with them. If nothing else, Van She have made friends in Jamaica. We could all use Jamaican friends. “Jamaica” appears on Van She’s Idea of Happiness out now.
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Atlas Genius “Symptoms”

Well men, we’ve all been there. You’re just an adolescent boy who likes a girl. She gives you a little hand, literally. You find yourself having night terrors. In the end, you just can’t have her. She’s been swallowed by the ocean. I have no real clue what is happening here. I do know that the young man in the video just can’t catch a break. No matter what, this Romeo’s Juliet is always out of his grasp. She hits him so hard, figuratively, that he falls back. Concussion grenade anyone? The symptoms of love can leave you feeling as though you’re sick rather than healthy. This poor boy ran a long distance only to find that something bigger has taken his woman. In this case, the world. “Symptoms” is off of the Atlas Genius debut Through The Glass.
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