Video Rewind 09.06.2013

They Might Be Giants “You’re On Fire”

If not exactly giants, They Might Be Giants are unusual. Anyone aware of their song titles and lyrics will know that these aren’t your conventional pop musicians. They don’t get much major radio play, and while that may be a bummer it is not discouraging for them. Their latest single from their album Nanobots is “You’re On Fire”. The video follows Lauren Lapkus of Orange is the New Black fame as she prepares dinner for herself and her loving man. While one slab of ground meat gets thrown into a hot pan, the second wad of ground chuck opens eyes and mouth. The chopped up veggies all play along dancing and using each other as musical instruments. Every time Lauren takes notice of the meat it shuts down a-la the garbage pile in Fraggle Rock. I think we all know how this video ends. After all, nobody leaves raw meat lying around.
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Team Spirit “Phenomenon”

Team Spirit have appeared on the Video Rewind before with their video for “Fuck the Beach”. At the time I wasn’t aware that “Fuck the Beach” was actually the third installment of animated videos from the band’s self-titled ep. “Phenomenon” marks the fifth and final video which also brings an end to the adventures. While I won’t reveal the whole story of the collection, I will tell you that this ending is quite a happy one. Having escaped hell, the band finds themselves in WWII Germany. This alternate tale of that War is second only to Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. The band mates are in their bathing suits and have no weapons. That’s when Elvis Presley, the King himself, arrives and hands out weaponry for their attack. Needless to say, Hitler goes down, the Devil gets angry, and the band have finally won their way into heaven. If only we all that kind of a second chance.
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Sleigh Bells “Bitter Rivals”

Sleigh Bells will release their new album Bitter Rivals on October 8th. Their latest single is the title track from their album. In it, we see Alexis Krauss in a boxing-like leopard print robe. She doesn’t do much fighting in this video at all. In fact, the closest she comes to fighting is when a little boy takes a swing and hits her to everyone’s surprise. There are backup dancers, and they do add some eye candy to the mix. Some of my best boxing has occurred at the milk cooler in the convenience store as well. Or perhaps she’s shadow boxing by the liquor.
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Dizzee Rascal “Something Really Bad”

Dizzee Rascal just keeps getting better. His new track “Something Really Bad” will be available for purchase on September 29th. His new album The Fifth is available for preorder now. Most rap videos feature the artist and his or her posse demonstrating all the money they have. This video has some dancing girls. It’s also got Dizzee showing he’s hot. The rest is mostly black and white light effects. The animations that go on behind Dizzee are pretty cool. Will. I. Am. features in the song and in the video. He appears sort of Wizard Of Oz like in a cube of lights. In its simple way, this video covers the very least of rap bravado while demonstrating a simplistic if not futuristic platform for your stripper-like feminine club dancing. Needless to say, it certainly does objectify women, just not so blatantly as Miley twerking it.
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Moby featuring Wayne Coyne “The Perfect Life”

It may be hard to believe that Moby is still making music. His new album Innocents will be released September 30th. In his first single off the track, we get a taste of Moby and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips providing us with the perfect life. The video features both Moby and Wayne as mariachi band members. Well, they’re more of a duet. They run into a drunken king who is thrown out onto the street before them. Kindly, they help him up and place his fallen crown back atop his head. He joins them, as they turn down a dark alley and run into a gimp in full regale performing rhythmic gymnastics. This in addition is how three become four. As the video progresses we see more delightful characters. Roller skating ghosts, with some short shorts underneath, members of a goth choir, obese bearded bikers who don red speedos, and the coupe de tat, a brass punk band. It all ends with the festive maypole gathering. What more could be in the perfect life? How about a girl without pasties on her nipples because those aren’t leaving much to have to imagine?
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