Video Rewind 09.07.2012

Flyleaf “New Horizons”

It’s hard to believe that Flyleaf has already been around for about 12 years. Yet, here they are. The video for the titular track off the album New Horizons shows the band performing. Strewn about are pictures of the last 12 years. In fact, the star of the video is Flyleaf in photographic form. It’s apparent that when a band has been around that long they need to change and grow. You can’t keep putting out the same album or the same old songs. You need to dare to be different from time to time. Trial and error. This is a moment for the band to break out and try to grow. To try and figure out where to go from here on out. They have plenty of photos for a scrap book, now it’s time to start anew. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what’s going to happen with the release of New Horizons, but it couldn’t hurt to try.

Spook Houses “American”

A series of clips taken from collected home movies, this video in a way does demonstrate something about America. We tend to think our everyday boring rituals are important enough to be documented for later viewing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have family keepsakes of family and events that are important to us. It’s just, when you really start watching tapes you realize there’s a lot of nothing on them. There are countless hours of film in closets and attics and basements of my family that show nothing but people sitting around and eating. Shouldn’t film be saved for sequences of action? You wanna remember who was at the table, take a polaroid. “American” is off of Spook HousesTrying.
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Here We Go Magic “Hard To Be Close”

If you learn nothing else, never wear a turtleneck into the elevator. This video is ridiculous and I love it. Three men get trapped in an elevator. You wait and see for how long. As they begin to struggle with the isolation a mini-history begins. With wonderfully funny moments such as when blinking becomes the most beautiful music in the empire I couldn’t help but laugh. So when entering an elevator be prepared, you may be there for a very long time. “Hard To Be Close” is off of Here We Go Magic’s A Different Ship which dropped in May.

Green Day “Kill The DJ”

I don’t think of responsible people when I think of Green Day. It was quite a surprise to see them riding on motorcycles in the desert wearing helmets. Good to see them promoting bike safety. I think the protective gear would be better served for the party they walk into next. Very dapperly dressed, they enter a club where the first thing I noticed was the woman with a Mohawk and leopard print tattoo of her head. It’s the type of setting you’d expect to see a DJ in. No DJ. Just Green Day rocking out. For whatever reason Green Day do not like the DJ. If you’re a DJ, don’t take it to heart. I’m sure it’s just a song. “Kill The DJ” appears on their upcoming album ¡UNO! due out September 25th.

Muse “Madness”

Muse has become a big deal. Their new album The Second Law is set for release October 2nd. In promotion of the album, the band has released the single “Madness” and here is their video for it. Normally, Muse seem obsessed with conspiracy theories and the people uprising against the government. I guess they do their fair share of love songs. In “Madness”, it’s borderline obsession. The video features a young lady in the subway, and a gentleman stalker. Mix those images with an apparent riot and you have yourself quite a love story. One that’s probably been done often enough. Two people drawn together in a period of strife just looking for a release of their angst. Is it love or sexual tension? I think the hose being turned on the crowd is my answer.
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