Video Rewind 09.13.2013

Deer Tick “The Dream’s In The Ditch”

Deer Tick have a new album called Negativity due out shortly on the 24th of September. In promotion for the album they give us “The Dream’s In the Ditch”, the video for their latest single. The video features Deer Tick doing what any proper limousine company would fear. They are basically performing an onging Chinese Fire Drill while the limousine is in motion. They keep jumping in and out of the moving vehicle, as well as on top of it, and just having the most fun one can with such a pricey object on four wheels. Only, the video is playing in reverse. So we see them defy physics as well. They all survive unharmed, and please don’t go out and try this. They are a rock band who clearly have much experience with limousines. Leave this work to the professionals.
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Preservation Hall Jazz Band “That’s It!”

Preservation Hall Jazz Band released an album earlier this year called That’s It!. This week they released a video for their single from the album by the same name. They went about producing the video by working with to hold a contest. The winning video was by Jo Roy. It features a solo act out in front of a building tap dancing on a small wooden platform. This dancing fits better with PHJB’s music. In an alleyway somewhere else are five men dressed in tuxedos. They don these getups as they begin to dance more modern styles, including breakdancing. The juxtapositioning of new and contemporary styles of dance just shows that a throwback sound like PHJB still translates into today’s culture. And man can they all move.
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China Rats “N.O.M.O.N.E.Y.”

China Rats have a new EP entitled Don’t Play With Fire due out October 14th. This week they released their video for “N.O.M.O.N.E.Y.” off that EP. Well, if the China Rats have no money, it’s obviously due to the need for money to make this video. I remember as a child when things became boring at my grandmother’s house, I would start playing with the change. If only I had the foresight to play with change the way they do in this video I may have had a budding art career. They use primarily change to animate the band performing and it looks great. They do incorporate some paper money to help create the illusion of people dancing. All in all, it’s a great visual accompaniment to a song about lacking money.
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Jhameel “Feisty”

Jhameel has slowly been growing on me. I first heard him sing in Hoodie Allen’s song “No Faith in Brooklyn” back in 2012. By August of that year Jhameel appeared on the Video Rewind for his song “A Maiden Calling”. He’s been appearing on sporadically ever since. His latest release is off of his forthcoming album called Lion’s Den. The track is called “Feisty” and is true to its core. The video shows Jhameel shirtless donning a fox fur with his usual Lost Boys of Neverland paint. Only, he’s moving and grooving. Vocally, he comes very close to sounding like Michael Jackson, and unlike other Jackson disciples like The Weeknd, Jhameel keeps the music pop. In all honesty, this song could be a Jackson song that receives a Jhameel twist as a cover. But it is in fact a Jhameel original. The focus of the video is the performer himself, and that is to good effect. While dancing may not be his strong suit, going by the video, he shows that he can carry an act on his own. He is a talented musician as well as vocalist, so that should come as no surprise.
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The Fratellis “Seven Nights Seven Days”

The Fratellis will be releasing a new album We Need Medicine October 8th. Recently they released a single “Seven Nights Seven Days”. The video came out this week, and it tells a great story. In a recent interview with the U.K.’s Telegraph, actor Daniel Craig says that, “”I think finding the right person and being with the right person is probably the answer to most things.” The video for “Seven Nights Seven Days” demonstrates this idea quite well. We start off with a street performer dressed up as a clown juggling, and performing various comical magic acts. The crowd enjoys his performance, and he even gets a bit of a flirtatious look from one woman. As the video goes on, the clown indulges in drinking and getting into trouble. He even goes so far as breaking into a car. He has this little key chain of a smiley face that he tosses off into a stream. By the end, it’s obvious you don’t want to mess with him. Yet, a female clown comes meandering his way, complete with little hearts painted on her cheeks, and the biggest close mouth smile, if there is such a thing, I’ve ever seen. She points to her mouth, and the male clown begins to pull out of it a cloth that is knotted multiple times. He keeps pulling until at the very end he finds a smiley face key chain. She literally brings him happiness with her mouth. Take from that what you will. The video ends with the two making down the sidewalk pranking people, culminating with them just enjoying each other’s company with a big smile. It’s true the right person is the answer to most things.
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Deltron 3030 featuring Mike Patton “City Rising From The Ashes”

Deltron 3030 developed a cult following after the release of their 2000 self-titled album. The concept for Del The Funky Homosapien, Dan the Automator, and Kid Koala was to tell the struggle of Deltron Zero versus the corporations that ran the universe in the year 3030. By 2004, the sequel to their Sci-Fi Rap opus was said to have begun, yet fans have been waiting a long time for it come. Finally, Deltron 3030: Event II will be released October 1st. So, what could the sequel be about? The struggle continues in the year 4010. My first taste is the single and video for “City Rising From the Ashes” featuring Mike Patton. The video is set in an earth much like what you see in Wall-E. We see some figures in dirty, Mad-Max outfits roaming the rubble. We learn that these are children, who live on whatever they can find including bugs. Apparently the people of earth are nomadic trying to survive in whatever is left. One little girl finds a tree growing in all the rubble. She examines it without her gloves on and gets a feel for nature. I’m unsure if she finds more nature, or simply develops an idea of what must lie beyond the city. While it doesn’t make total sense on its own, all is well. Remember, Deltron 3030:Event II is one entire work. The songs all fit together like puzzle pieces. Soon, those of us who have been waiting for this will see how the even unfolds.
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