Video Rewind 09.26.2014

Hostage Calm “A Thousand Miles Away From Here”

Sometimes a person finds two loves in life. One is the person you care for above everyone else. The other is the thing you love to do the most. Hostage Calm’s “A Thousand Miles Away From Here” deals with this situation. The woman in the video is fed up because her boyfriend isn’t around. It’s not that he’s a long distance away, but as he is with his band, she is on her own. She packs up her belongings and leaves because it’s as though when it comes to her he is a thousand miles away. The band is shown playing in the house as the woman is packing up her belongings, but they’re not actually there. After she drives off her boyfriend arrives at the house to find no one is answering the door. Unfortunately you cannot love two things equally in your life. As a result something will suffer. Either your girlfriend is neglected, or your art. It becomes impossible to sustain both in your life.

The Knocks featuring Powers “Classic”

The Knocks and Powers have come together for the song “Classic”. The video takes its cue from the video game The Sims. While as a video game The Sims isn’t a golden oldy, the franchise sure has become a modern classic. The video features mostly Powers along with other women hanging out on small square of land. It’s got a small in ground pool, grass, palm trees, and of course adult beverages to relax with. The people in the video, except for The Knocks, stand around bouncing much like the characters in the game. There is sequence in which each woman is standing with an empty glass pouting, just like something you’d see in the game.

MC Frontalot featuring Jean Grae and Gabrielle Sterbenz “Gold Locks”

MC Frontalot, Jean Grae, and Gabrielle Sterbenz have all come together to give a different take on the story of Goldi Locks in their song “Gold Locks”. MC Frontalot stars as a cub scout leader who is trying to warn three little cubs about the dangers of Gold Locks. The way he, Jean, and Gabrielle describe Goldi Locks is as a monster who will break in and eat the bears. She becomes a fairy tale that is meant to strike fear in the cubs the way the Big Bad Wolf is meant to strike fear in us. In the video she is portrayed as a zombie-like monster wearing a skull as a mask that covers half her face. She’s into eating the bears, but then all people are as we have cookbooks to tell us how we can cook bears. With Halloween approaching it’s interesting to see a take on a classic tale where humans are portrayed as the boogie man to animals. And of course, every story is a matter of perspective.

Hoodie Allen “Act My Age”

Hoodie Allen is back with a track about not wanting to grow up. In the video for “Act My Age” we get to see things from Hoodie’s perspective, literally. He’s getting ready for a party that is literally in the hallway. Once he’s joined the party, he’s making his rounds and everyone is having a good time. He gets to do a kegstand, and finds a girl he is instantly attracted to. Of course, she has a boyfriend. About this time the police show up to break up the party. Everyone takes off running. One of the party goers grabs the keys to a squad car and Hoodie jumps in with him. They go for a cruise stopping to pick up other people. Eventually they show up at another house where a second party has started. Here Hoodie gets to play some beer pong and runs into that girl he likes. They have a drink together, and take a pill (your pick as to what it is). At this point the boyfriend jumps in and starts forcing Hoodie backwards. One of Hoodie’s friends jumps on the boyfriend, but he gets tossed easily. Then someone pushes Hoodie into the pool. After swimming around for a bit, Hoodie gets out to see that the party goers all look old. Like your grandparents old. He freaks out and makes his way to the squad car to look in the sideview mirror. Much like he says in the song, everyone else has grown older, but he doesn’t want to grow up. He’s still his young self.

Wannabe Jalva “Miracle”

The latest video for “Miracle” by Wannabe Jalva follows three people through their day, and takes a look at their vices. We get a young woman who works a job at a fabric store. It’s a sales job with no room for improvement. After work she goes to a party where the liquor, drugs, and people are all loose. We also get a young man who goes to hang out with his gang of friends. They embark on an evening of vandalism and trouble. At one point at a club, he winds up stabbing another man who starts a fight with him. We also get an old man who puts on his best suit, grooms, and polishes his shoes to go to church. Afterward, he goes to a bar to have some drinks before finding himself at a strip club for the evening. The interesting thing is how at some point during the night they run into each other, only for the viewers to find that they all run into each other at the supermarket the next morning. The young woman and the old man are there doing some shopping, while the gang is here to shop lift. No one in this video is truly happy, but go on living life as though the ways they distract themselves will make everything better. It really is as though they’re all just waiting for a miracle to make everything better.

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