Video Rewind 09.27.2013

Har Mar Superstar “Prisoner”

What beats an 80’s dance party? An 80’s dance party with Juliette Lewis and Har Mar Superstar bicycle dancing together. That’s exactly what you get for Har Mar’s new video for “Prisoner”. It’s a dance, and two hot couples (although one is a triad) vie for the crowd’s approval. We see that Juliette is on a bike along with Har Mar. She’s not even interested in him at the moment. The other couples do their best to dance like Jagger. Then it’s Juliette and Har Mar’s turn. They don their bicycles and begin to perform graceful tricks much to the audience’s approval. Even the other dancers have to admit that it’s a fine performance. Har Mar rides off into the night, leaving a frustrated Juliette behind. She’s clearly into him now, and a prisoner of his love. “Prisoner” is off of Har Mar Superstar’s Bye Bye out now.
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Sky Ferreira “You’re Not The One”

Sky Ferreira’s new single “You’re Not the One” comes off as being very mature about relationships. It’s about meeting someone who just isn’t for you, and accepting that as you move on. The video for “You’re Not the One” is quite different. It begins with Sky essentially stripping fully clothed. Ok, so she’s not stripping, but she is dancing for a gentleman that she is quite fond of. They go off and have a bit of a make out session. She’s a different kind of girl, as she stabs the man in the neck with a pick. He slaps her, but this only increases their desire for one another. Cut to a future scene in a club, where Sky walks in alone and sees her beau with another woman. She’s not happy. The video ends with Sky waking up in a field. Her pick is in hand, and blood is dripping from it. What happened? Watch the video, duh. “You’re Not the One” is off of Sky’s Night Time, My Time out October 29th.
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Keep Shelly in Athens “Recollection”

Keep Shelly in Athens released a video for “Recollection” this week. The video features a woman, an abandoned school, and bubbles. It’s quite obvious the woman is here, with ballet shoes in hand, to relive or perhaps even put to rest some memories. As she makes her way through the school we see large bubbles floating. The bubbles are symbols for memories, the way that an event stays what it is, but how we remember it changes from time to time. Ask someone to tell you a story one hundred times over the course of their lives, and they’ll never tell it exactly the same twice. You can also be pulled from a memory in an instant, like a bubble bursting. Whatever this woman’s memories of this school are, she appears to be comforted by the fact that she came here and laid her ballet shoes upon the stage. It’s funny how the setting of an event can still impact us even after the event itself is a long distant memory. “Recollection” is off of Keep Shelly in Athens’s At Home which is out now.
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The Killers “Shot At The Night”

The Killers released a video for “Shot At The Night”, a new track featured on their greatest hits compilation Direct Hits due out in November. The song is produced by M83, and the video features Bella Heathcote and Max Minghella. Bella plays an employee of a Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. She’s basically the lady who cleans up after everyone’s done partying. What a lifestyle? On her way to work one evening, she’s looking at the palm trees that line the streets. She abruptly stops at an intersection as she has almost hit a gentleman in a blue suit crossing the street played by Max. He smiles at Bella, who embarrassedly smiles back. Max gets pulled along by a friend but he clearly wishes to speak to Bella. The car behind her honks, and she’s back to driving on. At work, Bella’s going about her rounds when a door opens and out steps Max. Seeing her, he stops her and they begin to talk. She’s introduced to his friends, a couple. They pull her into the room where the female friend helps Bella get dressed for the night. It’s spent gallivanting around with Max until morning comes, when she runs off to get back to work. She’s still wearing her pink heels but she’s back in her work clothes. It’s a Cinderella tale in reverse. Max is waiting for her shift to end, I’d bet my life on it.
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Young Galaxy “Sleepwalk With Me”

Young Galaxy released a video for their song “Sleepwalk With Me”. It’s an animated video that tells the tale of a soldier who met his love at war. Inspired by two WWII veterans, according to the press release, the video features around one of the men. He is in bed sleeping the whole time. He’s dreaming of war, not that he enjoyed the battling, but of what he found through it. He smiles because he meets a man whom he falls in love with. It appears as though that feeling is mutual, but all the time they have together is while deployed. In the end, a boat takes one away from the other, and all that is left are dreams to put them together. “Sleepwalk With Me” is off of Ultramarine

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