Video Rewind 10.02.2015

RDGLDGRN “Won’t Last”

RDGLDGRN’s latest video for “Won’t Last” is their take on the 1985 classic adventure filme The Goonies. The band mates are joined by two female companions as they make their way on an underground hunt for treasure using a map that they have found. Sloth also makes an appearance in an abbreviated fashion of making friends with the band thanks to a Baby Ruth bar. Pretty much the only thing missing in the video is the skeleton of One Eyed Willie and his hidden boat. Rumors of The Goonies 2 have circulated for years, but I think your best bet is to watch this video and then check out the original film.

Years & Years “Eyes Shut”

Years & Years latest video for “Eyes Shut” is shot on a location that could very well represent a war torn country. Furniture is stacked up all along various walls. There are clear signs of demolition. Some people are engaging in religious activities. Others are involved in violence and crime. Some march with a flag, while others are just standing there unsure of what to do. Places are exploding, fires are burning, cars are tipped over. There is peril all around, and yet the lyrics “Nothing’s going to hurt me with my eyes shut. I can see through them” are repeaded as the chorus. There’s no denying that it’s easy to get hurt or die in a situation such as this. But the things that really harm us are the ones that blind us, and bind us to negativity. So, there might be some truth to shutting your eyes to certain things to see past them.

RYSY “The Fib”

RYSY’s video for “The Fib” is a short one, but it’s also a good one. It starts off with two people who are a couple walking in different places. The man is walking towards train tracks. The woman is walking towards her car in a parking garage. The two are hurt but remain in different places as the two scenes are overlayed on one another switching like a strobe. Though they are separated by distance, they can feel each other. The man turns to look behind him as the woman starts the car and revs the engine. When she hits the gas, he is knocked down while she crashes into the wall opposite her. We then see the man get up and move as though he can help her from his great distance away. Back at the car, we see the door open and the woman lifted as she is carried off. It’s quite a visual stunner.

Daughter “Doing The Right Thing”

Daughter’s video for “Doing The Right Thing” deals with losing a loved one while she is still alive. The old man in the video gets himself all geared up to walk down to the dry cleaners. He picks up a red coat that is his last hope. The purpose of the coat is to bring back the memories of his wife. She sits on a sofa chair watching television showing little signs of being aware of what is around her. Strewn about the room are mementos of the life she had. There are photos of her wedding, as well as photos of her and her husband in a dance competition. There is even a trophy the pair have won. There is also her son, a grown man now, who dotes on her accepting what she has become but loving her just the same as if she were herself. Enter her husband, who places the red coat on her lap hoping to light some spark in her eyes, for her brain to show signs of life of who she was. He’s lonely, and his wife is right there. But she isn’t his wife anymore.

Disclosure featuring Lorde “Magnets”

Disclosure’s latest single features Lorde on vocals. She also appears in the video, and while she has always exuded sex appeal, this is the most of it I’ve ever seen her put forth. She’s at a party, and there’s a guy there she likes. He’s with another woman, and all she can think about is how she’d be better for him. Shift to the next day, and she’s lunged ontop of this taken man. They are all over each other. When we later see the man with his gal, there’s a fixing of his tie and a quick peck on the lips. Back to Lorde, and the two are practically setting the house on fire. Another shot to him and his girl and there’s just this awkward stare at one another. Then things get dark. Lorde’s dressed up probably as close to a dominatrix as we may ever see, and the man’s girlfriend is similarly dressed. Where is the man? He’s tied up to a chair beside the swimming pool. Lorde tips him over into the pool, then lights a lighter and tosses it into the pool. There’s something floating atop the water, because it is all engulfed. Let this be a lesson. Don’t you ever turn Lorde into the other woman.

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