Video Rewind 10.03.2014

Far East Movement & Sidney Samson “Bang It To The Curb”

Far East Movement and Sidney Samson have come together for the track “Bang It To The Curb”. The video harkens to Halloween, since it is now October, with it’s take on a Night at the Museum video. It’s actually about a haunted house that has a night security crew that consists of Far East Movement and one of the dancers from Les Twins. As this security guard is making his rounds, he pops in his headphones to listen to “Bang It To The Curb”. He starts jamming out only to find that he is being tailed by a ghost that is into the song as well. The ghost is played by the other half of Les Twins. Sidney Samson also makes a cameo as a painting that keeps blowing out a cigarette some of the Far East guys are trying to light. They don’t see him doing this, but rather think they’re having bad luck. It is a little hokey but the dancing is great in this video, and as always, the group puts out a great dance track.

The Rosebuds “Blue Eyes”

The Rosebuds latest track is “Blue Eyes”. The video features two young men, in blazer jackets, rowing out to a church in the middle of a lake. When they get there they go inside. Here, one of them notices a statue of a woman praying. He pops open a container, pours out some white powder into his hands, and blows it into the air. It goes everywhere. Both men are covered as well as the statue. They now see themselves standing in a field only to be joined by a blond haired, blue eyed, young lady in a dress. They’re all still covered in white powder. Now the dancing begins. Things are going well as one of the lads is about to get a nice kiss from the lady, only for the scene to be halted as they look over to what is a group of young men in blazers staring. We find that the original two men are back in the church holding each other in a pose that looks as though they are about to kiss. Whatever was in that plastic container must have been quite the hallucinogen, or else would be in a lot of trouble.

The History of Apple Pie “Jamais Vu”

The History of Apple Pie released their sophomore album Feel Something. Accompanying the album was the video release for “Jamais Vu”. The video is inspired by the work of Wes Anderson, but reminds me mostly of a mix between Rushmore andMoonrise Kingdom only with fatalities. The band is broken up into two groups, three boys versus two girls. They have typical Anderson movie wardrobe but are carrying automatic weapons, except for the drummer who has a shotgun, because he deserves the biggest boom. As the hunting goes on we can only guess as to what the issue is. In the end, we get a shootout whereby there is some pretty terrible aiming. The boys fire stars at the girls, which miss each and every time. The girls shoot ovals at the boys, and miss just as bad as their enemies at first, only to find their aim and kill the boys. I guess when it comes to French, girls beat boys.

Yellowcard “One Bedroom”

For their latest video “One Bedroom” Yellowcard team up with Invisible Children. The organization tries to get kidnapped children who are forced to join Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa to run away and come back home. It seems a majority of these rebels decide to come home because of fliers that are made up and dropped over Africa by airplane. The video features actors portraying what is a common story. We see a young couple out in the jungle, and they’re looking for some alone time. They’re in love and its pretty serious as seen by the fact that the woman lets the man take off her hair wrap. But as they’re out here trying to have an intimate moment, they are discovered by rebels. The man is kidnapped and beaten. Eventually he shows that he will join them so he is trained physically and with weapons. Eventually he finds one of the fliers in a bush. He along with another rebel decide to leave and make their way back to the village. Here he is reunited with his love. The video ends with actual footage of an escaped rebel being returned home.

Flying Lotus featuring Kendrick Lamar “Never Catch Me”

Flying Lotus will be releasing a new album on October 7th called You’re Dead!. His latest single features Kendrick Lamar on a song called “Never Catch Me”. The video revolves around the funeral of a young boy and girl. The family is sitting in the pews of the church as both are on display. Suddenly, the boy and girl get up and start dancing making their way out of the church into the parking lot. They keep dancing here until they jump into the hearse and drive off. When it comes to death, it is one of the trickiest parts in life. The family members don’t see the children dancing. Rather, it’s as though they’re remembering the happy times the two had chasing each other, dancing together, just being children, and smiling and laughing. Yet, it doesn’t make you smile while you’re hurting that they are gone, never to do those things again. Even the name of the song brings to mind the two starting a riveting game of tag as one smacks the other and says, “you’ll never catch me” only to bolt out of the room or house or yard and try to outrun the other. We never want to remember people looking peaceful as though in sleep. We want to remember them as living and vibrant because that is the part that is missing in the void that is our loss.

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