Video Rewind 10.18.2013

Fall Out Boy featuring Foxes “Just One Yesterday”

With their latest album Save Rock and Roll: The Youngblood Chronicles going strong, Fall Out Boy have release the video for their latest single “Just One Yesterday”. The video continues a story that has been told through all their videos for the album. In this installment the boys find themselves separated, hurt, and dumped out in the world. They try to make their way to people who can help, but instead are shunned. Most think they’re just crazy. Patrick Stump has himself a hook for a hand. Still, he’s the only one who can find someone to help him. That would be guest vocalist on the track Foxes. She picks Stump up giving him a lift eventually picking up the others as well. Just when they reach the hospital, Foxes appears to be a demon and Stump may be getting possessed. There’s definitely a devil and snake motif going on here.

James Blake featuring Chance The Rapper “Life Round Here”

James Blake recently collaborated with Chance The Rapper for a mix of “Life Round Here”. The video features James driving a lowrider convertible with Chance in the passenger seat. Shot in black and white, the video follows the two as they cruise through the woods in England coming out into the small towns along the way. You encounter many different people along the roadside, including Somali pirates. As strange as the pairing of the two performers for the song is, so is the pairing of the various people that watch the car go by, all with unwelcome looks on their faces. Why, the duo even drive with the top down in the rain, so I’m sure they must look up to no good for some people.
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Kate Nash “Fri-end?”

Rocking her gothabilly look, Kate Nash releases a video for “Fri-end?” off of Girl Talk. The song is about a bad friend. The video is about Kate Nash in shirt dresses that show off all the leg she has. It’s got a go-go dance feel to it and shows what a party of Kate Nashes would be like. That would be fun even when complaining about your bad friends. My favorite is the red dress, Kate. But you wear whatever you like.
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Robbie Williams “Go Gentle”

Robbie Williams has been hard at work prepping for the release of Swings Both Ways on November 18th. The first single is “Go Gentle” and Williams hit Los Angeles big making the video. Williams plays the captain of a ship. To be more precise he is on a parade float that looks like a sailing ship. It even has the British flag atop its mast. Moving along a slow pace, not only does Williams hold up traffic but he gets quite a bit of onlookers as well. At first I don’t think they know what to make of it. Later in the video they are pumped and crowding to take pictures on their phones. The crew are in charge of playing instruments, even when they get off the ship. I must say, I have always wanted to take a ship down the streets of a city. It would be my preferred landing in a municipality.
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Fitz and The Tantrums “The Walker”

Earlier this year Fitz and The Tantrums released a new album More Than Just a Dream. Their latest single is “The Walker”. The video features a gentleman standing in line outside of the DMV in Los Angeles. With scorching temperatures and a very long wait, this man goes Incredible Hulk, sort of. While he does show fits of rage and destruction, most of his angst is released in the form of dancing. Its angry dancing to be sure, but people keep finding reasons to join in. It’s like an angry, light hearted version of “Thriller”.
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