Video Rewind 10.23.2015

Violent Mae “In The Sun”

Violent Mae will be releasing their second album Kid soon. In preparation for that, they’ve made a video for “In The Sun”. The video starts with Becky Kessler dragging a large animal crate onto a tennis court. They don’t want you to bring your pets onto the tennis court. Lucky for all of us, it’s not her pet but drummer Floyd Kellogg. He comes out, sits down at his drum set and begins working it. Eventually it turns to dust, and that is a theme of the video. You see, Becky has herself a beau in this video. And when she’s with him it feels like being in the sun. But then, the guy starts flirting with another girl. Becky gets angry and pictures herself choking him all the while he doesn’t even notice. Good times end, and bad things will always happen. But you don’t have to get mired in that. Like Becky, find your friends and go frolick in the sun.

The Shoes featuring Blaine Harrison “Submarine”

The Shoes and Blaine Harrison came together to record the song “Submarine”. The video for it opens simply enough. A couple are sitting in a field having a nice moment together. They even kiss. Then things go crazy. There are scenes of the man standing by the indoor pool just staring down at the water. All around him are people without eyes or mouths dancing. The woman starts off laughing as she walks down a hall that goes around the house. Soon she falls, starts experiencing discomfort, and even sees something come bulging out of her arm. She is having a very bad trip. She makes her way to the pool room where she sees herself floating over the pool. Eventually she does go in the water and make her way out. Here’s where her man comes to comfort her. It’s short lived. The last time we see the two together he’s standing outside looking up at the roof. She’s standing there, and one can only guess that she’s not coming down by going back inside.

Adele “Hello”

Not counting “Skyfall”, “Hello” is the first new track we’ve heard from Adele since 2011’s “Rumour Has It” and “Turning Tables”. The song is about trying to reach out to someone who’s heart you’ve broken. The video plays into that, but in a way it’s even more. We begin with a car driving down a road as we see through the window of a house. The next thing we see is Adele outside on her cell phone saying that she has poor reception. Once she goes inside she starts to take down the sheets that blocked the windows and covered the furniture. You can see the dust kick up as she does this. It’s been a while. The home seems dead, but it’s time to bring it back to life. Next she lights the stove and boils water for tea. It’s been a while since fans have had a chance to meetup with Adele’s new work. Again, the focus of the video is the man she hurt in the story. But that man could be us in a way. Any way you look at it, I’m excited to finally have some new Adele.

Behaviors “Don’t Fight It”

Behaviors are back with a new video for “Don’t Fight It”. Get ready for a tale of an older, out of shape man who is obsessed with the high school football star living across the street. There’s no better way to get someone’s attention than by standing outside with a record playing and dancing provacatively. Am I right? Here’s the problem, as if being a young man and finding your creepy neighbor across the street weren’t enough of a deterent, the young man has a young woman he’s dating. This sets off the old man, who envisions himself entering the younger man’s home and licking various things. In the end, the old man decides he’d rather kill the girl and drug the young man before dragging him home.

Troye Sivan “Talk Me Down”

Troye Sivan’s latest video for “Talk Me Down” deals with a lot that’s wrong with society. It’s funny that we should think it appropriate to tell other people who they should love. Troye stars as the friend of a young man. Only it’s very clear that they are both more than just friends. This other man’s father has died, which is difficult to accept for him. As the scense show the two had a very good relationship until dear old dad found out his son was gay. I understand you might feel disappointed with your child when you initially find out that they are gay. However, the hopes and dreams we may have for our children aren’t going to be theirs. And while that may hurt us, it’s also ok. So here’s this man at his father’s funeral. I’m unsure whether the woman he’s holding hands with is his sister or maybe a girl that he’s started to date. Troye makes it clear that he’s very lonely without his friend. He only wants to hold hands and lie next to him. He makes his way to the funeral, but leaves early. Eventually, somewhere in the cemetery, they run into each other and embrace. The woman finds the two of them, and the embrace ends. The other man storms off with the woman, but does glance back a time or two. In the end we see him standing high on the cliffs. Below are the ocean and some jutting rocks. He steps forward, and that’s all we know. Suicide is a terrible creation of man. What’s worse is the way that people can be the driving force towards it. Being disappointed means you care. You shouldn’t stop loving just because you are disappointed.

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