Video Rewind 11.01.2013

Nicky Romero featuring Krewella “Legacy”

Nicky Romero is becoming one of the most well-known Djs on the planet. His latest release is a collaboration with Krewella called “Legacy”. The video is about a woman who is fighting cancer. As she sits in front of her vanity making sure her wig is on the right way, her son is peering through the door. He takes off, leaving a get up in his bed that makes it look as though he is asleep. That’s what mom thinks, until she finds a notebook with the addresses for her coworkers and a note from her son. I don’t believe she is supposed to see the note. What the son is actually doing is that he’s going out with two of his friends to terrorize and kidnap mom’s coworkers. He doesn’t mean to hurt them, but shaves their heads bald. Apparently he does this to every single coworker without having the police called. The mom finds the buzzers he used the next morning but doesn’t say anything. It’s not until she is at work and sees nobody else has hair that she figures it out. She takes of her wig realizing, and accepting, that her son loves her, and shows it in demented ways.
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Erasure “Gaudete”

Erasure have a new album Snow Globe that will be out November 12th. Their new single from the album is “Gaudete” which is their take on the traditional Latin carol. The video features some monks wandering into a cemetery on a snowy evening. Their destination is a desolate cathedral standing in ruins atop a hill in the cemetery. There, they light a candle and sing resulting in snow melting at the organ uncovering yet another monk. That’s about it. What’s the real story here? Perhaps understanding the Latin would shed some light.

Bill Callahan “Small Planes”

Bill Callahan released Dream River in September. The latest release off the album is “Small Planes. The video is shot in black and white to a silent film theme with whimsical dialogue plates cut in between the action. The video follows Lindsey Urchinwear who is a peasant factory worker that suffers prejudice from her boss. She is in love with soup can model James McDashing, model for McDashing’s Noodle Soup. Lindsey is trying to make a gift for James out of a wood. It’s a simple sign that says, “I love you”. The evil boss kicks her out because it’s after work, and she is a peasant. She decides to deliver her gift to James who accepts it, but doesn’t know what it means. Lindsey walks off deflated, while James goes into an alcoholic fit trying to decipher what the sign means. When he wakes up and is sober, he figures it out. He goes and cuts himself a “u” to finish the sign and chases after Lindsey. She’s home, so he doesn’t have far to go. He shows her the completed sign and the two hug. Happily ever after.
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David Bowie “Love is Lost (James Murphy Remix)”

David Bowie recently had his song “Love is Lost” remixed by James Murphy. Though the mix is about ten minutes long, Bowie shot a four minute video for the song. It features David washing his hands, and playing with his personal collection of puppets. They are creepy, a little. At one point we see David’s face projected onto one of the puppets. I like this 3-D effect and how eerie it comes off. Of particular note is how the projected face of Bowie looks worried as he sings “Oh, what have you done?” It’s as though he saying, “I’m a puppet now. What have you done?”
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Justin Timberlake “TKO”

By now everyone is aware of Justin Timberlake and his album The 20/20 Experience. His latest single off the album is “TKO”. The video presents an alternate Justin who doesn’t have 99 problems, but one. That problem is quite a bitch, portrayed by Elvis’s granddaughter Riley Keough. The two don’t speak anymore. If anything Riley becomes aggressive in her sexual quest of Justin, and who wouldn’t. When finally young Timberlake decides he won’t give into her and this empty relationship, she hits him with a frying pan. When JT awakes, he finds himself tied to the back of a beat up pickup truck driven by Riley. She takes him out into the desert where she heads for a cliff jumping out in time to save herself and watch as a hopeless Justin reaches out to her. For some this is a tragedy, for others a wonderful occurrence. In reality, it didn’t happen. Justin is alive and well.
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