Video Rewind 11.15.2013

Muse “Madness (Live at Rome Olympic Stadium)”

Muse has been known to put on quite the live performance. I still remember watching their H.A.A.R.P. dvd from 2007. I don’t usually like watching dvd’s of concerts, but that one was quite impressive. Back out on tour, Muse was sure to stop for a live show in Rome, Italy at the Olympic Stadium. The performance was recorded for a dvd/cd called Live in Rome due out December 2nd. The video they released this week is for “Madness”. It starts off with Matt Bellamy walking over to a camera. He’s wearing sunglasses that display the lyrics of the song as he sings it. Behind him is a large monitor that shows the crowd exactly what is going on. If Daft Punk have the most high tech helmets, then Bellamy has the most high tech sunglasses. What’s more, is watching the band performing and hearing the quality of the music. If nothing else, Muse prove that they are legitimate musicians.

Lily Allen “Hard Out Here”

Lily Allen’s last album was 2009’s It’s Not Me, It’s You. She’s back with a new single “Hard Out Here”. The song and the video attack the low expectations of the music industry towards woman. This here is some kind of sarcastic attack on the new twerking trend and the women who subject themselves to just to make some money. The video caused controversy as many people wondered why Allen left all the ass shaking to her backup dancers who all happened to be black. She defended herself saying that there were auditions, and that if she were more confident in her own body she’d be the one shaking her ass. Still, this video has it right. Women are expected to be provocative whether they have talent or not. It’s a double standard.
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Shearwater “I Luv the Valley OH!”

Shearwater are from Austin, Texas. Their new album is Fellow Travels. Their latest single is “I Luv the Valley OH!”. The video for it features two astronauts sharing a tank of oxygen as they march through a desert. Eventually, one of the astronauts cannot go on. She lies down while the other astronaut unhooks her from the tank. He leaves her and goes on with his journey. Lying there, knowing she’s going to die, the astronaut decides to lift the cover on her helmet and allow the atmosphere to do its job. She rapidly succumbs to bubbles that form on her skin. Meanwhile, the other astronaut marches on until he finds a rock. He kneels before it, and what happens next is never shown.
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Royal Canoe “Birthday”

Royal Canoe’s latest album is Today We’re Believers. Their latest single off of it is “Birthday”. The video takes place in a diner. There’s a children’s birthday party going on, as well as a young man sitting with his grandfather. He asks the grandfather if he is ready. Then, he predicts that an attractive woman will come out of the restroom and sit across in a booth. The grandfather is to go and talk to her. When this happens, the grandfather notices that his face is on the woman’s body. Then he is dragged out back by another man, beaten and left there. All the while other strange things are going on. It kind of loops around onto itself and doesn’t make total sense.
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Future featuring Mr. Hudson and Miley Cyrus “Real and True”

Atlanta rapper Future has a new single called “Real and True”. The song features vocals by Mr. Hudson and Miley Cyrus. The video sets the song in space on some planet or moon. Future and Mr. Hudson are astronauts. Future is looking for Miley who portrays some humanoid alien. When they find her, she is lying there in a space suit. They bring her inside where some sci fi gadgetry seems to heal her. Future and Miley are in love in this tale, but cannot be together because apparently they cannot exist in the same atmosphere. She’s locked in the infirmary, he out of it. They are close but eternally far away. It’s time for the spaceship to take off and leave Miley on the planet or moon. It’s a love tragedy in space.
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