Video Rewind 11.20.2015

Alex Winston “The Day I Died”

I’m sure it’s a pretty common scenario. It must happen every single day. There is someone out there who likes someone else. Yet, whenever the two are together, that interest of love is also surrounded by his or her friends. You just want to kill the friends. Well, in the video for “The Day I Died” by Alex Winston, we sort of see this play out. Alex is going to the cabin with her two friends. Though, she doesn’t seem to be that into them. Honestly, when she’s with them she is singing and not really hanging out with them. You’ll notice she’s spotted a masked man in the woods as they arrive, but he disappears and she just assumes it was nothing. As the video progresses the girls separate, and horror movie 101 says to never separate. So, the one friend who goes outside, for some reason, to smoke a joint is quickly picked off. The other friend heads upstairs to a bedroom that doesn’t have a door for privacy. Here she gets down to her undies, and makes a phone call (shout out to rotary phones) for some phone sex. Again the killer arrives but he’s under a sheet just standing there. This annoys her, as she must assume it’s just her friends. But, it’s not. Finally Alex and the killer come face to face. After a brief attempt to flee, it turns out these two are just way too into each other for there to be any need to panic. I mean, after you hypothetically kill your love interests friends, you’d just make out between the bodies, too. Am I right?

Panic! At The Disco “Victorious”

Panic! At The Disco are back with another video for “Victorious”. I have to admit, as the video starts I was initially put off. Apologies to Brendon Urie, but I don’t fancy him a boxer. I especially don’t believe he’d be able to knock out the guy he’s in the ring with. That aside, the video gets fun. The little things we may have to deal with in life become moments of victory for Brendon. First, turns out he’s been dumped by his girlfriend. Of course he’s moping about this, and he really wants to call her. But he finds the strength to put the phone down. Ticker tape is falling. Champagne is flowing, and Brendon is presented with a huge check for one million dollars. It even states that he gets this for not calling his ex. But there is more. He’s a nice guy who helps old ladies across the street. And when he manages to reach the other side with a slow moving granny before the walk signal counts down to zero, more celebration. He finds a new girlfriend, more celebration. He plays dodge ball on his lonesome against a whole team and is pelted with dodge balls, but his new girlfriend helps him up. Celebration! He’s having sex tonight. Celebration! Life is all about the little victories, because without them you can’t have the big ones.

DNKL “Otherside”

DNKL’s music video for “Otherside” plays out like Shakespearean tragedy that the director just couldn’t pull the trigger on. It features three teenage girls who are all friends. They do bad things together, like go to parties with beer and boys, buy a lot of some weird, illegal drug, and steal a car to drive off to the woods. Heres the catch, early on it seems like one of the girls likes a boy at the party, but one of her friends is talking to him. When the second friend catches her staring longingly at her love interest talking to someone else, she gets up and leaves. Fast forward now to the woods where the two friends who stayed at the party use the drug first. Each one gets immediately sick before suddenly getting better and temporarily having Jedi powers. This presents itself mostly as being able to levitate sticks. As the adventure moves on we find out that the girl with the crush is actually interested in her friend who was talking to the boy. A brave attempt at a kiss is rejected, so she gets up and runs off. After some goading from the third girl in this party, the target of affection gives chase. The wounded lover is found guzzling the bottle of drug. This makes her very sick as she scampers off towards the car. She doesn’t make it, but the girl she likes ditches her and hides in the car, because at this point there is a lot of levitation going on. This includes the car going a few feet up in the air. The third amiga shows up trying to care for her fallen friend. Everything is ok. She recovers, the car drops without anyone getting hurt, and life can move on. I was thinking the first girl would die from an overdose but not before annihilating her targeted love by crushing her in a falling car.

Robin Schulz featuring J.U.D.G.E. “Show Me Love”

Robin Schulz and J.U.D.G.E. have themselves a nice little diddy by the name of “Show Me Love”. The video for it didn’t go the way I thought it would. The man in the video turns out to be a klutz. He’s at the gym when he gets on the treadmill. He wants to ramp up the speed so he hits the appropriate button, but this results in him falling down and getting flung off into a pile of medicine balls. A woman goes running over to see if he is ok. This is how they meet. And this actually works for the guy. Turns out, bad things keep happening to him and they start to include her as well. But for the most part, they just go with it and laugh. I mean, at one point she falls down some concrete stairs, but it’s all good. Their first kiss is about to happen on a bench when the bench breaks, but it’s all good. Their first attempt at sex leaves her with a headache and him a bloody nose. Yet, it’s all good until…It’s strange the way that things we love or accept about a person are charming at first but can become the thing we despise about them later on. They’re dressed up and dancing in her apartment when a piece of the ceiling breaks off and hits her in the head. He tries to roll with it, and grabs some bicycle helmets to put on. She doesn’t appreciate this and a fight happens. Turns out, it’s relationship over. They’re not happy, not until they’re reunited at an outdoor cafe, and you can guess how that turns out.

NAO “Bad Blood”

Typically Death is portrayed as a large, black figure. In the video for “Bad Blood” by NAO we see a figure of life as a nude, black woman. She’s got some abilities all right. Most people in the video wind up tilting their head back and having a bush grow from out their mouth and eyes often with only a few tiny blooms beginning to bud. All except one person. I don’t know why there are three men sitting in robes over the open casket of another dead woman, but they are there. Well, our naked woman makes her way over, proceeds to grow shrubs out of the mouths and eyes of the men before bringing the dead woman back to life. There’s some more scenes of growing things from out of people’s heads, but at this point I think we get the gist.

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