Video Rewind 11.29.2013

Kings of Leon “Beautiful War”

Prepping for their Saturday Night Live performance on December 14th with host John Goodman isn’t all that Kings of Leon have been doing. They have an album Mechanical Bull out. Their latest single off the album is “Beautiful War”. The video tells the tale of anger leading to tragedy. A man is out with his girlfriend and her brother at a bar. When he ventures off and puts his hand a little too low on another woman, his girlfriend gets more than a little upset. To get back she hops on the mechanical bull and has her brother work the controls. This upsets our hero, who starts a fight with the brother. He kills him, unintentionally. Flash forward a few years. Our hero is prepping for bullriding in a prison rodeo. In the crowd he sees his girlfriend, and all seems to be forgiven. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes you have to overcome a tragedy for life to be put into perspective for you. But the doctrine is true, forgiveness heals even if you are only forgiving yourself.
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Moshav featuring Matisyahu “World On Fire”

Moshav formed in Israel as the brainchild of Yehuda Solomon and Duvid Swersky. The band’s new album is New Sun Rising. The lead single from the album is “World On Fire” and featuresMatisyahu. The video centers around a $20 bill. The money is lying on the ground when a little girl riding along on her bicycle stops to pick it up. She takes the money to the local store to buy an apple for her mother who is sick. The cashier lets her have the apple for free. She returns to her mother offering the apple, but mom simply slaps it away. She’s far more interested in the money that her daughter has found. She uses the money to buy drugs. The bill goes from person to person until it is again lying on the ground only to be picked up by a boy. He takes the money and buys ice cream for himself and the first girl who is now sitting on a bench in a sour mood. After following the money around, you find that the happiest people as a result of it were the two who shared something small as a result of it. Not a bad idea to remember this holiday season. Sometimes your company is the best gift of all.
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The Crystal Method featuring Dia Frampton “Over It”

January 14th will usher in the new self-titled album by The Crystal Method. Their first single off the album is “Over It” and features Dia Frampton of The Voice fame. The video features Dia against three other females in a bake off type competition judged by men. The other three contestants are trying to win over with their bodies, being more suitable for adult features with their antics rather than actually being able to bake. Meanwhile, Dia shows she has the goods as her first round entry is blueberry ginger scones with lemon zest glaze. Damn, Dia, that’s all you had to say to win my vote. Yet, she finds herself in very last place by a great many points after the first round. She lucks out when the other three contestants get themselves disqualified in the second round. Rather than claiming her prize, she sticks it to the judges. Dia doesn’t need any blue ribbons to know her worth. Good for her.
[soundcloud url=”″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] featuring Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and French Montana “Feelin’ Myself” continues to push his album #willpower with his sixth single “Feelin’ Myself”. While the song does focus mainly on Will, it also features Miley Cyrus,Wiz Khalifa, and French Montana. All three appear in the video which is rather simple. It features all of the artists performing mostly one at a time in front of computer altered backgrounds. Mostly you get some slight effects, nothing that is too intricate. It works, as it allows you to focus on the talent of each individual. You get to see each doing their thing on their own in a setting that isn’t overly flashy but keeps the attention on the performer while allowing you to see their individual styles. There is one scene with all four that almost makes it look as though will has formed a new version ofBlack Eyed Peas, but he hasn’t.
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Eminem “Rap God”

Eminem, in my opinion, has put together a better album than Kanye West with his MMLP2. His latest single is “Rap God”, which may have already been the title that Kanye has claimed, but Eminem goes on to show with his music and videos that he is superior. The video begins with Slim Shady turning into Max Headroom. If you don’t know who that is, then you should learn up real quick because Eminem brings the references to everything that was ever good to begin with. He goes on to show himself tapped into the Matrix Neo-style with a thick cable connected straight into his brain. Even that sweet game Portal is referenced. All in all it’s a video that hits you visually as fast as Em’s lyrics.
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