Video Rewind 12.06.2013

Late Cambrian “Flowers From Anonymous”

Late Cambrian released their album PEACH earlier this year. Their latest video is for their single “Flowers From Anonymous”. The video tells a story of two people, a man and a woman, who find themselves destined to meet. As the guy starts to like the girl he finds out she’s already seeing someone else. And so, the old love triangle sort of begins. She doesn’t seem to like him that way until he backs off. Then, it’s like she can’t live without him. In the essence of romantic comedies this video is sure to put a smile on your face as you root for against the couple. Alas, when the universe conspires against you there is only one result.

Anthony Raneri “String Me Along”

I Surrender Records artist Anthony Raneri has a single he recently released called “String Me Along”. The song is very much about being strung along by a girl because it’s better to be lonely with her than without her. The video features a little boy who repeatedly allows himself to be abused by the girl across the street. It’s the sweet innocent things like hosing him down after motioning for him to come to the back yard, or allowing him to put a temporary tattoo on her but insisting she give an actual tattoo to him. This is a true story all about how boys are stupid and girls are mean.
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DMac featuring Sage the Gemini and Show Banga “Panoramic”

Back in May Dmac collaborated with Sage the Gemini and Show Banga on the track “Panoramic”. This past week they released the music video for the song. You can think of it as a good old block party. Everyone is out on the street, some people are even with their street crews dancing. A marching band is invited and somebody’s spirit team as well. Everybody is moving and grooving, even the little kids.
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Little Daylight “Overdose”

Little Daylight made a splash this year with the release of their EP Tunnel Vision. Though “Overdose” has been out for a while now, the single gets a video that the band released this week. Shot in mostly black and white, it features many people, band members included, rocking out to the dance pop track. Computer graphics help to give the video a feel good vibe though at times it seems like we are looking at Pepto bismal or a computer replication of the digestive system. It does begin to seem like an overdose on the senses.
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“Team” is the third single from Lorde’s debut album Pure Heorine. The biggest thing to take the world over from New Zealand since The Lord of The Rings movies, Lorde’s video for strong was taken from a dream she had. In her description she pictured a desolate city that had tropical plants, and was ruled by teenagers. The people in charge were covered in acne, and to get in you had to take part in a useless initiation. But, heroically, you didn’t have to win the contest rather complete it and overcome whatever fear you may have. We find Lorde and other young adults on some sort of abandoned island. They look to initiate a young man who has a leg disability. They put him on a motorcycle, with a helmet for safety of course, and have him joust against another lad on a motorcycle. Win or lose, our hero needs only prove his valor to get in. It’s the utopian society of our teenagers.
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