Video Rewind 12.20.2013

Pawz One featuring Masta Ace & Ariano “The Luv (Remix)”

Pawz One will release Face the Facts on February 18th of 2014. His first single is “The Luv” which was released with a remix that features Masta Ace and Ariano. Recently the trio got together to shoot a video for the remix. It’s a simple video centered around the performers just rapping in a generic outdoor settings. But it focuses on something that needs to be said. Hip hop has been exploited by popular culture. The song focuses on the three explaining how they represent hip hop pure from the heart. At one point Ariano looks square at the camera and tells the “Rappers to get off Instagram and get on your game”. There are no girls, no fancy cars, no chains, no spilling bottles of booze, or money raining down. It’s references to the classics that they sample to rap over and their fellow hip hop artists who inspire them. Plain and simple, it’s what hip hop was created to be.
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Cash Cash featuring Bebe Rexha “Take Me Home”

New York’s trifecta of DJ’s known as Cash Cash have an EP Overtime out now. The first single is “Take Me Home” which features Bebe Rexha on vocals. The video features a dancehall scene with the dj’s, and Bebe shows up in the video singing on a couch and in a hallway. The rest of the video centers around a young couple who go on a short weekend trip. They hit the woods where they take pictures and enjoy each others company. But they seem to have a bit of a tumultuous relationship that leads to yelling and throwing things. It could center around the fact that although they are together, the male seems to ignore his girlfriend at the nightclub to talk to some other woman. He does dance with his girlfriend which appeases her, but I take it that later that evening she gets quite upset and goes off on him. Perhaps all is fair in love and war.
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Kate Nash “I Hate You This Christmas”

Kate Nash has a Christmas album that she would like to share with us called Have Faith with Kate Nash This Christmas. One of the songs from the album is called “I Hate You this Christmas”. The song and video are about the rough holidays that Kate may endure for the holidays. I doubt this song is based on truth, but it may be. Christmas for some people is a time of love, and for others a time of hate. The premise of the song is that Kate is stumbling home drunk from a Christmas party when she detours to her boyfriend’s house. Taking the key from under the mat (terrible hiding place for a key) she lets herself in only to find that her man is going down on her best friend. There’s two people she’s no longer responsible for buying gifts this holiday season. Kate’s got some great friends in the band as well as a skateboard crew to help her get over her hardships. She’s also got some great fans. Hopefully you won’t be spending this Christmas griping over some ex that did you wrong.

Metronomy “I’m Aquarius”

Metronomy has a new single “I’m Aquarius” out now. The video has a sci-fi feel to it. Singer Joe Mount finds himself in a spacesuit and a spaceship. He’s floating out there in space and comes across a barren planet. There isn’t much here in the form of life other than the hairless cats that roam it, and a crazy cat lady who sits atop a pyramid. In all honesty, how can she not crave the company of cats. She has no one else to interact with. Apparently she is either an empress believed to be descended from some gods or an actual deity. One this is for certain, Joe is not going home. His spaceship gets blown to bits. The interesting thing is that while movies about space have been made none of them have actually been shot in space. So to shoot something like this video you have to do a great job with effects to convince the viewers that they are not watching something filmed on a set terrestrially. This video achieves that, minus the herd of cats on a distant planet idea.
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Eminem featuring Rihanna “The Monster”

Eminem continues promoting his latest album . His latest video features Rihanna for the song “The Monster”. The video starts with Eminem sitting in a chair in a dark office with Rihanna taking notes as his doctor. He’s silently watching clips of his videos and even a live performance. This is essentially how most of the world views him, being violent, a drug user, insane, etc. The video slows down a la Inception with time coming to a standstill. Em gets up and enters an elevator and heads down into his subconscious. As he goes down he sees the scenes that he acted out in the videos. He goes on to reenact them. Have you seen those memes that show him at age 18 and now? They point out that he hasn’t aged a bit. It’s a good thing, too, because he’s able to copy his past videos well but this time he’s mouthing the words to “The Monster”. Perhaps the idea is stolen from Inception, but it is interesting to see them blend the past with the present, especially since this album is apparently his swan song. What’s in his subconscious? Watch and find out.
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