Video Rewind Best of 2014 20-16

20. Lil Dicky “Lemme Freak”

In looking at music videos I look for what matches the story of the song, what is visually appealling, and something that doesn’t have too many cut scenes. If the point of a video is to be the little movie designed specifically for the song used as the soundtrack, then we have to start off The Best of 2014 Video Rewind with Lil Dicky’s “Lemme Freak”. The song tells the story of Lil Dicky going out and meeting a girl all in the hopes of getting some sex. This turns into a long term relationship, but from the start to the bitter end, Lil Dicky is just looking for some sex. The song’s funny and the video does it great justice, even though we get to see a naked Dicky swinging his junk (censored for our protection) trying to get the point across. I understand there may be some people that don’t enjoy crude humor, but I challenge you not to laugh at lines such as “Look, I just turned off The Departed for a movie about a bee.”

19. Haim featuring A$AP Ferg “My Song 5”

There wasn’t much to hear from Haim this year as their only releases were singles from their 2013 album Days are Gone. Both “If I Could Change Your Mind” and “My Song 5” were pushed this year, and both got music videos. The better one was for “My Song 5” which was released with featured vocals from A$AP Ferg. The video features all the performers and several celebrity cameos taking part on the Dallas Murphy Show. Dallas Murphy is kind of a female Jerry Springer mixed in with some Ricki Lake. This show is about ridiculous things. Take Kesha appearring as a woman in love with her cat. Or Haim bassist Este Haim who plays a woman who has a thing for mimes…sexually. Her boyfriend gets so angry, that as he’s carried off stage he shouts, “I’ll make you talk”. Visually there is one sequence that follows all three band members standing in a circle singing. The lights go on and off from different angles showing you how their faces change depending on where the lighting is. Throughout the video we see Danielle Haim in the backroom looking nervous about whatever it is she’s going to reveal. Unfortunately, we never find out as the video ends as she’s being called onto set. Sit back, enjoy this one, and try to name as many guest appearances as you can.

18. Phantogram “Fall In Love”

Phantogram’s contribution to the Best of 2014 Video list is their “Fall In Love”. While not neccessarily telling a story of the song, it does blend well with the sounds.”Fall In Love” sounds a bit like a kaleidoscope of music and the video matches that perfectly. In black and white, we see the duo performing as various patterns and designs are projected upon them. Though the same projection onto a female folded upon a box is strange, having her toss back her hair to throw dust in the air alters the light shining. And let’s not forget, catching someone flicking their long hair back on film makes for a great image.

17. Passenger “27”

At 30, Passenger is dealing with trying to make music true to his heart and getting paid to do it. He does it all trying not to become a sell out. All this has taken a toll on the artist and as a result we have the song “27”. The video opens with Passenger coming out of a record company and being chased by agents trying to get him to sign. He’s having none of it. What follows is Passenger taking a walk through a city (all just some Hollywood set) and having the things he sings about appear around him. Like when he mentions about not wanting to sell his soul to the devil, and a boy dressed as a little devil appears followed shortly by other children dressed up as well. Passenger claims to have had fun making the video and it shows. It’s fun to watch, too. In a way, this video is Passenger’s version of “this is your life”. You get a glimpse into what it’s been like, but the names and faces of the real people have been removed for protection.

16. Lorde “Yellow Flicker Beat”

Next on the list is Lorde with “Yellow Flicker Beat”. The song is featured on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Soundtrack, but the video can be taken completely on its own. We begin with Lorde looking particularly fashionable sitting in a hotel room that looks like something out of Blade Runner. The video also features Lorde rocking her dance moves, which may look spastic to some people, but I love them. Many people talk about Beyonce’s power walk, but Lorde’s is pretty good, too. In my favorite scene in the video Lorde is dressed in a black ballgown before she struts through the guests of the ball and falls off screen. All this coincides with the line “But I got my fingers laced together, and I made a little prison, and I’m locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me”. That’s a powerful line when you think about it.

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