Vince Staples and Dash Tear Up SOB’s

SOB’s maintained it reputation as a launching pad for young talent with a show from Long-Beach rapper Vince Staples, who was joined by Dash for an intimate and rawkus night of live hip hop. The small downtown New York venue was a mix of young, sweaty men hoping to turn up and industry professionals looking to see the buzzed-about rapper. The show kicked off late, but this only enhanced the underground houseparty vibe.

After a short introduction by infamous co-signer Peter Rosenburg (who was oddly decked out in mismatching Redskins gear), Dash took the stage in front of an eager crowd. He hit the stage in what I can only describe as “aggressive normcore.” A worn out bucket hat, oversized nondescript red windbreaker, khaki pants and a shirt saying “Suicidal” in the Seinfeld front. The look was completed with a lit blunt and a styrofoam cup of lean. He started jumping on stage and rocking tracks off his V.I.C.E.S. mixtape, going acapella several times.

As the crowd started to mosh, he opened his cup and began to pour his lean into the mouths of guys in the audience. “This is a $200 cup! Be thankful motherfuckers” he shouted as the crowd opened their mouth like turnt up baby birds.

Everyone was a lot more sweaty and a little more high after Dash, which is exactly what should happen after an opener. Vince rushed onto the stage in a hoodie of his brand, with “STAPLES” plastered across the back. He announced his apologize for his EP delay. “We had some issues,” he told the crowd “But shoutout to Mary J Blige for not leaving a young nigga broke!” referencing a sample clearance from the R&B diva. Vince then proceeded to run through newer songs like “Blue Suede” mixed with older Odd Future influenced cuts. He rapped with no backing vocals and delivered his lines easily. The flawless technical execution didn’t takeaway from the energy. The crowd knew most of the material – with the exception of the new songs – and enthusiastic screamed all the words.

Vince performed like he knew who was watching – not just fans, but people with a vested interested in a vibrant new york hip hop scene. Despite being a late show, the small crowd demanded an encore. Vince jumped back to the stage, performing his Odd Future collab and cult hit “Hive.”

The stage presence Vince showcased inside the tiny venue could have rocked a much larger room. With the release of his new EP, his sound, and his fan base, will only continue to evolve.

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