Viper Creek Club: Hot Lights

Viper Creek Club, Hot LightsViper Creek Club: Hot Lights
Nevermind the romantics of Valentine’s Day, let’s get laid! And hold up a second, I got the perfect soundtrack, Hot Lights, the new EP by the dance duo of Mat Wisner and Brandon Jensen, more popularly known as Viper Creek Club. Hot Lights, urges you over the course of six synth-laden up tempo tracks to get up offa that thing, and dance until you feel better. A very simple formula is put to use: Combine relentless electric dance hall drum tracks, a start stop start song progression, and hedonistic lyrics delivered impatiently in something of a rocker’s growl over sufficiently attention holding, pulsing track decoration. Hot Lights plays out just long enough to start your hips gyrating without over-doing itself or fatiguing the audience through repetition.
With tracks like “Because I Know” and “Your Body,” the EP is fine by its own merits, say to put your partner in the mood on a rainy afternoon, but to really appreciate any of the tracks to their full extent I think a packed and sweaty E-driven club is more appropriate. The nature of the music itself demands no questions or self reflection, rather seems an incessant ‘go go go’ to spite any misgivings about lining yourself out on a mystery drug, random bathroom sex with a stranger met on the dance-floor, or whether or not the after-after party is a good idea. And this I can fully appreciate.
It seems the only weight to bring one back down into the realm of reality appears on “In the Living Room,” which is appropriately the last track. It’s a wind down really, the BPM’s are rolled back and a little more attention is paid to atmosphere as accusations of alcoholism and over-doing it surface like wrinkles around the eyes of any veteran clubber.
Viper Creek Club does an excellent job of delivering short, tight, and catchy party anthems in the spirit of LMFAO. And while I doubt we’ll be listening to Hot Lights ten years on, it definitely accomplishes the objective of living in the moment right now.
Rating: 6.5/10
MP3: Viper Creek Club “I Want You To”
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