Wale: The Eleven One Eleven Theory

Wale: The Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape
Still settling into his new role as an artist recording with Maybach Music, Wale is set to release an album this November. Trying to prove that he is the hardest working man in show business right now, or at least music, Wale’s also released another mixtape. August 17th was the release date for The Eleven One Eleven Theory.
The mixtape is long at 70 minutes, and that might just be what proves its downfall. You have the typical Wale taking rapper braggadocio to a new level. He is able to build up a persona with a huge chip on his shoulder even though he’s living his dream, but what really makes the album frustrating is that the production quality doesn’t seem up to par. He is, after all, recording with Maybach Music, a big player in the game. It comes off as sounding like is a production company that doesn’t have all the money and resources to make better music.
I understand it is only a mixtape, but at 20 tracks (two which are included as bonuses) it seems a bit much. Having already released a mixtape earlier in the year, and working on a forthcoming album that is supposed to have a follow up next year, this gargantuan mixtape doesn’t serve Wale well.
Overall I wasn’t impressed with the album. The only track I feel worth mentioning is “Lacefrontin” which was already covered here. The other tracks do nothing to impress me. I feel Wale has traded quality for quantity, and come out on the short end.
Rating: 2.5/10
MP3: Wale “Chain Music”
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