Walk Off The Earth: Here We Go

From Youtube superstars to fully-fledged music stars, Walk Off The Earth have established themselves as pop royalty. Their career began in 2006 and their success has only risen since then. Between winning a Juno Award and releasing multi-platinum records, this Canadian outfit has graced their fans with their upbeat, super happy pop that is sure to raise anyone’s spirits.

Here We Go is their first album since 2015 and is a wondrous pop chemical reaction made possible by the ever-solid combination of Joel, Marshall, Sarah, and Gianni. Their ability to create beautiful vocal combinations and melodic arrangements have allowed them to develop their new music and the incredibly upbeat Here We Go.

The last year has been difficult for the band. In late 2018, Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor suddenly passed away. Mike and his keyboard talents gave the band a solid foundation to bounce from and create their soaring pop music. When a member of a band dies, it can be difficult for the band to carry on, however, Walk Off The Earth decided to continue making music, taking the opportunity to share and honor Mike.

Therefore, it only seems fitting that they have included a track honoring Mike on the album. In the middle of a hyper-pop album lies, “Mikes Song” is an acoustic homage that is bittersweet and earnest. With a driving drum beat, this potentially sad song is more of a celebration, keeping in line with Walk Off The Earth’s perpetual happiness. It is one of the most emotional songs on the album and engages with the grieving process. Dealing with the confusion and sadness of grief can be difficult but this song makes it feel like it doesn’t have to be dealt with alone. It is wondrously introspective and is a great addition to the album that is bookended with bubble gum pop.

The bubble pop begins with “I’ll Be There”, a summer-vibed anthem that reinforces the needs for friends and being there for each other. It is indicative of the pain and sadness they have suffered over the past year and is also evidence of how Walk Off the Earth has been able to bounce back such an enthusiastic album. It’s an instant radio-ready pop classic that just proves their position as one of the most popular pop acts around.

While pop isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s hard to deny Walk Off The Earth’s infectious happiness. Their simple pop tracks engage with universal human problems and are dealt with through a smattering of heavy bass and fast beat drums and Here We Go is the pop classic that they needed to solidify their position on top of the pop ladder.

Rating: 6.8/10

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