The White Panda “Jamboree Love (Naughty By Nature // Steve Winwood)”

For Throwback Thursday, White Panda drop an old skool sounding mashup in “Jamboree Love.” Of the mashup, The Pandas say “In the six years we’ve been producing mashups, there have been certain songs that are hard to tackle. We always want to do justice to the songs we mix, and so we often shy away from songs that were influential in our upbringing. ‘Jamboree’ by Naughty by Nature is one of those songs. We’ve contemplated mixing this track for years, but never done it. Today, we’re giving it a shot. Combined with ‘Higher Love’ by Steve Winwood, we think this makes for such an upbeat, feel-good combo, that it’s worthy of a release.” We’re pretty glad they decided to release it.

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