White Room “Cable – Built Dreamland”

An experimental alternative rock band from Brighton released a single called “Cable – Built Dreamland” in the last week. They call themselves White Room. What a mysterious and quite hypnotic brand. The 5-piece band captures the 60’s psychedelic rock vibe extremely well with a punchy kit that keeps a consistent beat, then layered with wonky and dissonant guitar riffs. Something that really sets this band back in time is the timbre of front man, Jake Smallwood’s voice and the dreamy harmonies that support him. Even though the instrumentation and overall sound puts us in the 60’s, the political theme of the lyrics keeps us up to date in our modern world. We live in a world where it’s easy to hide behind a mask on social media and White Room expresses their concerns with the matter. Keep a look out for their EP entitled ‘Eight’ that will be released later this year, and check out “Cable – Built Dreamland” now!

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