Wimps: Super Me

Seattle is full of Wimps! –a lovely punk band who is either being bummed out by all that rain or just a couple of people with an honest understand that life has its ups and downs. Wimps’ music is like taking Camus’ absurdism and adding a poppy, distorted, lively soundtrack to it. Their punk style is unique in its own honesty and their music is a blast. Their latest EP, Super Me is being released via Kill Rock Stars and is an excellent listen to say the least.

Super Me is the most fun EP that ever existed. Wimps creates this excellent punk atmosphere that just pops with so much energy. Each song is a thrash along jam that will make you want to move. The band just has this way with melodies that really brings something out in you –it’s like being teleported to a show.

Notably, Super Me doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Wimps isn’t trying to impress anyone, it’s about as ‘hardcore’ as the modern malaise needs to be. For instance, one song is really all about eating old food (titled “Leftovers,” who would’ve thought?). More so, the opening track, “Take it as it Comes,” is a complete ode to how crappy things seem to be. With lyrics like, “Everyone knows you’re the worst at life,” and “stare at your phone most every night; but all it ever does is shine in a light,” you can’t seem but to think that Wimps really knows you –this song was written for you. Really though, Super Me is a fantastic mix of awesome punk music and less than overwhelming lyrics. A respectable choice for 2015.

Beyond the excellent style that Wimps brings to their latest release, there’s just not much more to it. Super Me is short but sweet –the songs are fast and the EP’s an EP. That said, Wimps really didn’t do much of anything wrong other than taking the time to get the listener all worked up and then cutting it short.

If you listen to Super Me you will want more.

Wimps is a fantastic band to have under the radar and if you haven’t given the band a chance yet –now is the time. Super Me is one of the better punk releases as of late. The EP is chipper, it’s energetic, it’s just plain good.

Rating: 7.5/10

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